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How diesel outboards are changing the marine landscape

The demand for high-powered outboards is continuing to grow and there’s one type of motor in particular that’s answering the demand: diesel outboards. With professional operators often now choosing outboard engines rather than traditional inboard motors, the buzz around diesel outboards is at an all time high. 

What is a diesel outboard?

Diesel outboard motors are very efficient, powerful marine engines that run for a long period of time without needing to refuel. Many people are now choosing diesel outboards because they offer amazing midrange power and great torque – especially when moving heavy loads. In fact, if you choose the right diesel outboard engine, you’ll see all the benefits of a diesel combined with those of a petrol outboard boat engine.

What are the benefits of a diesel outboard boat engine?

Outboard engines in general offer on board space-savings, easier access for maintenance and quicker replacement, but what other benefits does a diesel outboard offer?

Efficiency & performance

Whether you need a marine engine for fishing, recreation, or for commercial reasons, a diesel outboard boat motor can give you extended travel time without sacrificing power. With a diesel outboard engine, you’ll notice a greater range than equivalent petrol outboards, meaning you can go further while using less fuel.

According to a study by British diesel outboard manufacturer Cox Powertrain, although diesel outboards typically weigh more than their petrol counterparts and are more expensive by horsepower, their increased lifespan and long service intervals means that they typically cost less to run over long periods of time.

One of our personal favourites when it comes to diesel marine outboards is the 300hp CXO300. The design came about after the company won a contract from the British Ministry of Defence to develop a concept diesel outboard for a fast-response navy vessel. Its fuel efficiency allows for greater range, it can quickly reach its top speed and it produces 20-35% less CO2 than comparable petrol engines. 

Longer service intervals 

Diesel outboards such as the Dtorque 50 offer longer than normal service intervals of 250 hours. This more than double the general service interval time frame of 100 hours on an equivalent petrol outboard. Many customers ask us why diesel engines last so much longer and the answer is simple: diesel engines can handle higher compression. This means less vessel downtime – so you can enjoy more time on the water for work or play.


Diesel is also a safer fuel source than petrol because it’s less flammable. Not only that, but with diesel engines, combustion takes place through heat generated by fuel and air compression inside the cylinder, rather than using a spark. 

Looking for a fuel-efficient diesel engine that’s quiet, smooth and low maintenance? The OXE 150 is the most popular unit in the OXE Diesel range for a reason. It delivers 150hp and 380Nm (280 ft-lb) of torque and is considered the ultimate work tool for many commercial users – especially heavy-duty vessels with single or multiple installations. The unit allows for long-range operations due to fuel consumption limited to 32L/hr (WOT).

Are you ready to find your perfect marine engine?

Although there are significant benefits to using a diesel outboard, deciding on what engine to choose can be tricky, but it ultimately comes down to what type and size of boat you have and how much power it requires. 

Whether you’re a first time boat owner, a seasoned mariner or just want an upgrade, get in touch with our team today for expert marine engine advice.