Yanmar Yet Again Based on Experience

Blue Dolphin

Commercial boat owner and operator, Peter Lynch of Blue Dolphin Tours in Harvey Bay has been operating his own charter boat business for a relatively short time, but already he has owned three boats, all Yanmar powered.

It’s no surprise then that Peter opted for Yanmar to power his new custom built cat out of Hervey Bay.   His power of choice is a pair of Yanmar 3JH5CE 39mhp saildrives fitted with Gori folding props.

Peter is an avid marine enthusiast and boatie. He has over 27 years experience with marine mammals, 13 of which were spent as a marine mammal trainer at SeaWorld. Now involved in eco-tourism, Peter established Blue Dolphin whale and dolphin tours with a wealth of first hand marine experience and a passion for the wonders of the ocean.

Peter’s first exposure to Yanmar came his way when he bought a Seawind Resort 1050 cat, a second hand boat that had a Yanmar diesel outboard in a centre pod.    Next came a Tasman C35, a hull built in 2003 and powered with two Yanmar 3GM30 saildrives.

“That boat is still running well and the Yanmar saildrives have over 8000 hours logged,” said Peter.

Blue Dolphin 1

The latest and newest boat in the Blue Dolphins tours fleet is a purpose built 38’ catamaran, with massive 22’ beam. The luxurious catamaran, launched in May 2011 and built in Hervey Bay, was built to Survey ID.

The Yanmar 3JH5CE engines are a naturally aspirated, 3 cylinder, freshwater cooled (heat exchanger) engine rated at 39mhp at 3000rpm.

The JH series range in saildrive variants has three proven models in the range, 3JH5CE (39mhp), 4JH5CE (54mhp) and the 4JH4TCE turbocharged model at 75mhp. In shaft drive configuration the range features five models from 39mhp thru to 125mhp.

Based upon his previous experience with the Yanmar saildrives in his second cat, Peter chose Yanmar again. This time, in recognition of the 6 tonne displacement, dual Yanmar 3JH5CE 39mhp sail drive diesel engines were selected also in part due to the availability of a flywheel generator which can be specified on this engine model.

To round out the propulsion package and to enhance the vessel manoeuvrability under power and sailing performance, Peter also opted for high quality three blade geared folding Gori Propellers.

While the need for electrical power on board is not significant, there is nonetheless a legitimate need.  Instead of relying on a separate diesel powered generator for onboard 240 volt power, Peter decided on a Yanmar KMG65E flywheel generator matched to the port side Yanmar 3JH5CE engine.

“The flywheel generator has a maximum 3KVA output and works perfectly for me, providing enough power for the fridge, urn and microwave on board plus a small charger for guests who need to charge up cameras batteries.  I’d recommend it to sailboat and power catamaran owners especially in the charter industry.”

“What’s astonishing about the Yanmars is that it gets the boat cruising at about 7.6 knots and I only use 20-25 litres of fuel per engine per day. It’s quite incredible and from a business perspective the economical running costs are important to the bottom line.” said Peter.

“I had Yanmars in my two previous tour boats and was not disappointed, so when it came to building a new boat I couldn’t look past Yanmar marine engines.”

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