Yanmar, The Perfect Match for High-Tech Cats

Some of the most stunning, recent multi-hull launchings share two common elements. Both vessels are Yanmar powered, and both were built by the Noosa Marine shipyard.
The Noosa region is best recognised as an idyllic sub-tropical tourist destination. However, in the industrial zone the unassuming the owner of Noosa Marine, Julian Griffiths, is turning out exceptional vessels.


Noosa Marine deals exclusively in high technology, composite construction. The company only builds custom multi-hull vessels for the most discerning of owners who have a passion for multi-hull designs.

Julian Griffiths began his boat building career as an apprentice at the Norman R Wright & Sons shipyard in Brisbane. Julian’s passion is sailing and his speciality has always been one-off, cold moulded or composite hulls. In 2008, he struck out on his own founding Noosa Marine, and in the process, returning to his home town. Today at Noosa Marine the big cat under construction fills the shed to bursting point. A dedicated team of seven, including three apprentices, work on each project.

“I’ve been involved in the yacht racing scene for years, so my name is definitely out there in this niche market,” Julian Griffiths said.  “While my customer base is predominantly in Australia, we are receiving a significant inquiry from the US. All of the international inquiry is for sail and the interest has been driven by word-of-mouth referrals as well as published reports of our recent launchings.”


Bajaca came from the drawing board of Roger Hill in New Zealand and measures an impressive 18.7 meter loa. Despite her bulk, Bajaca has flowing lines and is as sleek a cat as you will ever see. With dual Yanmar 530mhp 6CX-530CR engines in the engine rooms, Bajaca is capable of reaching 25 knots if required.

“Our strength at Noosa Marine lies in our ability to build custom designed hulls entirely from composite materials,” said Julian Griffiths.  “Generally, when a customer comes to us they have already been working with a designer. We add our perspective to the design and layout, before the drawings are finalised and purchased.”


Construction begins with a male jig being built. The composite hull is formed over the jig which is later removed and discarded. The skin laid over the jig is a strip plank lay up in epoxy and carbon fibre. The exotic composite materials bring an impressively high level of strength to the hull, while eliminating the weight and bulk associated with a conventional fibreglass lamination. The hull currently under construction in the Noosa Marine shed is the biggest hull to date with a length of 19.5 m. The build time is estimated at 13 months, with roughly 75% of the time taken to get the hull to the lock up stage. Generally, it takes 3 months to build the hull and side decks, 2 months for fitout then a further 3 months for filling, fairing and paint. Electricals, upholstery and the rig are contracted out to marine specialists.
The Yanmar brand is no stranger to Julian Griffiths. He fitted a Yanmar engine to his own boat, a H28 which he built during his apprenticeship years.

“Power Equipment is an ultra professional organisation,” Julian said. “The people on the ground are very forthcoming with advice and they are supportive of our work. They drop by during the build to make sure that everything is in order, then conduct comprehensive Yanmar engine tests during the sea trials.”
Julian Griffiths is also a big fan of the Yanmar brand.

The finish of the Yanmar engines, the way they arrive with protective packaging and the array of support information all rate highly. “The Yanmar marine diesel range is massive. The Yanmar product is ideally matched to our applications. These engines deliver the right power for the right weight so that our hulls can perform really well.”

With Noosa Marine cats capable of heading off to distant ports literally all over the world, Yanmar is the brand of choice when it comes to product support virtually anywhere in the world. Yanmar truly is, the global brand in marine diesel power.