Yanmar Repower Delivers Better Handeling at Sea, with Big Fuel Savings

Mora Elizabeth
Based out of the deep water port of Portland (South Western Victoria) pro fisherman Tom Bibby knew that an engine re-power was ahead for his heavy Russian built t expect to do the job quite so soon.

While heading up the NSW coast to Birdon Marine at Port Macquarie for major maintenance works, the gearbox in Moira Elizabeth failed.  Fortunately for Tom and the crew, it was locked in gear.

So with a failed transmission and an old V12 diesel engine with 100,000 hours logged up, (not to mention multiple rebuilds over the years), the decision to re-power was made all the more easier.

The choice to use Yanmar for this re-power was an I was impressed with both the Yanmar brand and the specifications of the Yanmar Tom Bibby Whenever I asked other commercial operators around the traps about Yanmar, I never heard a bad word.  That was good enough   for me”

The Moira Elizabeth is an interesting vessel.  Imported from Russia as one of a batch of five new trawlers in 1982, the Moira Elizabeth started her life with a factory fitted SKL diesel engine.  With a LOA of 25 m and displacement of 170 tonnes, this is a very solid boat, and if Bass Strait or the Southern Ocean should ever ice over, the Moira Elizabeth will be able to steam on.  Being a
Russian build, the hull is ice rated for work in the Baltic Sea thanks to the 10mm plate steel in the bow.
Mora Elizabeth1
Tom Bibby first worked on board the Moira Elizabeth in 1993 when he signed on as engineer.  By this time the vessel had a US built V12 diesel and was logging 5,000 hours annually.  Tom later became skipper and ultimately the  owner.

At that time the Moira Elizabeth was bottom trawling for orange roughie and virtually anything the market would take.  These days Tom supplies the fish markets in Melbourne and Warrnambool, trawling between Kangaroo Island and the west coast of Tasmania.

In June 2009, when fuel prices were going through the roof and the GFC was beginning to bite deep, Tom Bibby gave Birdon Marine the okay replace both the engine and transmission in Moira Elizabeth.    Power Equipment, the Australian Distributor for Yanmar diesel engines, had a 6AYM-ETF in stock which helped expedite the whole process.

Eventually it all came together with the engine room transplant achieved with a hole cut in the deck and then through the freezer room.   Tom got back to ETF diesel engine, Twin Disc MG-5170-DC transmission with 5.95:1 reduction and VEEM prop supplied and matched by the team at Austral Propellers to suit the new power-train and existing nozzle configuration.

With 13,000 hours now logged on the Yanmar 6AYM-ETF aboard Moira power.   The 170 tonne trawler is good for 9 knots at 1300 RPM. You can actually feel ”

With the Yanmar spinning away in the engine room at only 1300 RPM, we have the same power and same hull speed as we had with the old engine.    ”

For trawling with big nets out the back, torque is everything.  Now with the Yanmar I can hold the boat better in bad weather while towing nets.   With the  weather beating on us beam on, I can actually tow where I want to go.”
Mora Elizabeth2

“For every day that I spend at sea, I save at least 200 litres of fuel.  And with the standard oil changes now at every 500 hours, I save a further 50 litres of engine oil, or 500 litres of oil a year.”

Tom began as sceptic when it came to the engine manufacturer’s specifications and sales pitch on fuel savings and performance.  But having now experienced the 6AY Series impressive performance first-hand after the re-power and proceeding 34 months, he concedes that the claims are indeed his reality.