Yanmar Power Delivers again for Coral Coast Marine Constructions

Custom built, high quality aluminium cruising catamarans don’t come any better than Elloura II which is powered by a pair of 700mhp Yanmar 6HYM-WET marine diesel engines.

Any vessel which has carpeted flooring, a dazzling array of highly polished stainless steel plumbing and ancillary equipment, just in the engine room, is going to be a stunning vessel. Elloura II is a custom built catamaran from Rob Goode’s shipyard, Coral Coast Marine Construction (CCMC), at Bundaberg.

Rob has spent a lifetime working on the water and knows commercial and recreational boats better than most. His basic hull configuration for CCMC built hulls is very similar across the various length hulls that roll out of the shipyard.
“We don’t do deep skinny catamaran hulls,” Rob Goode said.
“My hulls tend to be a wider, semi-displacement design so as to deliver the optimum in ride, tracking and efficiency. Based on my commercial fishing background, I have settled upon a hull design that performs exceptionally well without the need for a lot of horsepower. I have applied this design concept to bigger hulls and it works brilliantly.”

Elloura II has an overall length of 22.5 m, a beam of 6.8m and a displacement of 54 tonnes fully loaded. The load includes 12,000 litres of fuel plus 3500 litres of water. The sponsons have a steep deadrise in the bow of 60°, flattening out to a modest deadrise at the stern of 8°. Deep keels extend along the bottom of the sponsons to the prop, a design feature which greatly assists to keep the hull tracking truly.
The owners of Elloura II live in Darwin. Having enjoyed cruising the remote but distant Kimberley region in their previous boat, CCMC 18 meter hull with a pair of 509 mph Yanmar 6CXB-GT engines, Rob Goode was approached to build a bigger boat. “Long before we lay down the keel, we spend a lot of time with the customer to get the interior design and appointments to their exact liking,” Rob Goode said.
“With Elloura II, the owner was very technically minded so he wanted an engine room fit out that was of a high standard with specific requirements for long range remote operation cruising capability and redundancy. Twin water makers and twin generators, for example, were mandatory options for this discerning owner. As a result, the list of included equipment was understandably long which made the hull heavier than usual.”
In the engine room, the choice was Yanmar. The decision was easy for both boat builder and the boat owner thanks to their positive past experiences with the Yanmar brand’s proven history for a low cost of ownership and high reliability. The propulsion system selected for Elloura II is a pair of Yanmar 6HYM-WET engines, matched to ZF 335A transmissions with a 1.767:1 ratio. Due to the remoteness of the intended cruising grounds, an engine with a mechanical fuel system was a key priority.

Yanmar’s 6HYM-WET model is a purpose-built commercial marine engine. This is a 6 cylinder in-line configuration with a displacement of 13.733 litres and a dry weight of 1386 kgs without the transmission.
This model includes Yanmar’s latest combustion chamber design, named ASSIGN, a system originally pioneered by Yanmar on their large bore, low-speed propulsion engines. These engines are IMO Tier 2 compliant, ensuring emissions are exceptionally low. This technology combined with Yanmar’s mechanical fuel system delivers impressive fuel consumption and provides private and commercial operators with excellent fuel economy, long life and high reliability. The cylinder head is a quad valve design.

The Yanmar 6HYMWET excels in conditions where long hours of continuous operation is the norm. The Yanmar 6HYM-WET model as installed in Elloura II is rated at 515kW (700mhp) at 2200 rpm. Swinging 30” x 28.5” 5 bladed counter rotating props, Elloura II achieves a top speed of 24 knots at 2240 rpm. A comfortable cruise speed of 20 knots is at 2000 rpm, although the most economical long-range cruise speed of 17 knots is recorded at 1800 rpm.
According to Rob Goode, Elloura II easily achieves all the prime performance, fuel usage and design objectives set out by the owner for this long range cruising capabilities in the remote North West. In addition, this is a low maintenance boat with oil and filter service intervals on the Yanmar 6HYM-WET specified as standard at 500 hrs.
Launched late in 2015, Rob Goode rates Elloura II as one of the very best pleasure power catamarans that have come from his shipyard. Ray Harris of Power Equipment Queensland who has worked with Rob Goode for many years agrees with this assessment without reservation.
Power Equipment is very proud to have had the opportunity to supply the Yanmar propulsion package for Elloura II. Yanmar will no doubt play a pivotal part in the success of future boats built by Coral Coast Marine Construction.