Yanmar Marine Diesel V8 makes revamped Matilda Bay 32 Sing

A single Yanmar 8LV370 has been specifically selected to power the redesigned Matilda Bay 32. Following a comprehensive stem to stern makeover, this hull has been transformed into a stylish weekender, with the Yanmar marine diesel engine installed delivering a spirited performance.


The Matilda Bay 32 has its origins in Western Australia, being previously marketed under the brand name Fury. The moulds were purchased by local marine agent Chas Milner of Matilda Bay Marine and rebranded as the Matilda Bay 32.

Recognising that the hull would benefit from a makeover, the moulds were shipped to the production facility in Northern NSW. Boat builder Laurie Toms in consultation with Chas Milner modernised the design and devised the modular construction process, where a significant level of customisation is possible without the prohibitive cost usually associated with custom builds.

The hull had 300 mm cut from the keel, an initiative designed to make the hull track better, particularly with the higher horsepower Yanmar 8LV370. The other significant change was to raise the entire deck and cabin floor. This created the space to install the engine under the aft cockpit floor while at the same time providing a full 2.1m of headroom in the spacious, open cabin.

As a result the Matilda Bay 32 boasts a LOA of 9.8m, beam of 3.49 and displacement of 5.2 tonnes lightship. On water and ready for a weekend away, the displacement could easily tip 6 tonnes with the addition of 600 litres of fuel, 500 litres of water plus passengers.


“The owner of the re-configured Matilda Bay 32 wanted a vee drive configuration so that the engine was under the aft cockpit floor and outside the cabin,” Laurie Toms said.

“As this boat is designed to be used as a day boat or a weekender, the objective was to eliminate any intrusion into the cabin or aft cockpit with a raised engine box. The result speaks for itself thanks to the Yanmar 8LV370 configuration.”

The Yanmar 8LV is offered in two configurations, 320 mhp (235kW) model 8LV320, and 370 mhp (272 kW) 8LV370. The more powerful model was selected as the optimum engine for the hull design in terms of overall performance and efficiency.

At the heart of the new Yanmar 8LV is a 90°, V8 cylinder block. It features twin turbo chargers and direct injection with a common rail fuel system. There are four valves per cylinder. Weighing in at just 435 kgs dry, this impressive marine engine continues the Yanmar tradition of delivering high power from a low weight package.

Rounding out the drive train on the Matilda Bay 32 is a Yanmar vee drive transmission which is direct-coupled to the Yanmar 8LV370. The Yanmar KMH52V transmission has a 2.04:1 reduction ratio and spins a 21” x 21” 4 blade propeller. Through a shaft angle of 12°.

In sea trials the Yanmar 8LV370 achieved a top speed of 28.5 knots (45.3 km/h) at wide open throttle of 3850 rpm. A more sedate cruise speed is 11.6 knots (21.4 km/h) was achieved at 2500 rpm fuel consumption of just 28 litres per hour. With 600 litres of fuel on board, this provides for a maximum of 21 hours of operation at cruise speed or a maximum range of 247 Nm or 458 km.

“We selected the Yanmar 8LV370 with the factory fitted KMH52 vee drive transmission for the compact installation envelope, low weight, power output and low fuel consumption,” Laurie Toms said.

“The Yanmar 8LV370 is the maximum power that this hull can accommodate.”

“With any boat like this where the engine is literally underneath the feet of the people on board, low engine noise is imperative. In this respect the Yanmar 8LV370 is exceptionally quiet to the point where engine noise is of no consequence.”