Yanmar Launches New eG55 Portable Gen Set

EG55 Model 5.1Kva
Yanmar has announced the launch of their latest and smallest silenced portable power generator, the Yanmar eG55.   With over 100 years experience in the manufacture and development  of world class power products, the new release heralds the next generation of small and silent gen sets into the Australian Market.

Powered by Yanmar’s single cylinder L series air cooled diesel engine, the new Yanmar eG55 is both compact and super silent.

Maximum output is 5.1 kVA (Standby at 50Hz) with the Yanmar L Series engine operating at 3,000 RPM.  At continuous 100% load, the noise level at 7.0m is a very acceptable 73 dB.  The cabinet features soundproof isolation material to further aid its quiet operation.

The generator is a 2-pole, single phase unit with the capacity to generate up to up to 240 volts.

Yanmar engineers have designed the eG55 to be exceptionally user friendly.
The control panel and service access are all located on the same side of the cabinet.  All routine maintenance can be achieved through the wide access door.

On top of the eG55 cabinet is a fuel level indicator and a multi directional  exhaust discharge pipe which can be rotated to the direction that best suits the application.

Moreover this unit can be rolled around a site thanks to the industrial wheels with paddle locks and side push bars for better portability.  The units Dry weight is 171 kgs, so with the correct materials handling equipment, it can easily be shifted to a variety of locations and comes fitted with a single point lifting ring to assist with easy handling.

“The new Yanmar eG55 is particularly suited to domestic applications where power supply needs to be supplemented, either as a diesel backup for standalone Solar Power Systems or when mains outages occur”, said Noel Heritage Business Manager of Power Equipment, the Australian agent for Yanmar.

“The strength of this unit is the all round capability together with excellent sound attenuation.   And of course, the high power output with low fuel consumption rounds out an impressive list of features.”

The L Series engine powering this safe and durable eG55 gen set is highly regarded for its best-in-class performance, light weight and low fuel consumption.  It is the perfect match for this generator.