Yanmar Joystick Control makes Boating Easier

Mastry 2

Brisbane surgeon Micheal Mastry is a recreational boater who appreciates the very finest in life.  Not only does he own a stunning 43’ Nor-Tech Monte Carlo, but the twin Yanmar 8LV
powered sports boat is the first in Australia to be fitted with the new Yanmar Joystick Control System.

Boasting an offshore race boat pedigree, the Nor-Tech Monte Carlo is a US designed and manufactured opulent day boat.  The hull is narrow, a deep vee, sleek and obviously fast.  The cockpit features an abundance of plush seating and situated squarely in the centre is a two person helm.
Mastry 1
This is a boat that looks right at home on the waterways of Florida.  On the dock in Brisbane it’s a complete knockout and certainly turns heads whenever Micheal Mastry heads out onto the water.

“I use my Monte Carlo for pleasure boating around Moreton Bay,” said Micheal.  “A lot of the time I’m by myself.  So handling and manoeuvrability, especially docking at home on the
canals, is quite important for me.”

With the pair of Yanmar 8LV diesel engines driving ZT370 Yanmar drive legs, the bonus for Micheal Mastry was having the new Yanmar Joystick Control System, installed as a factory fitted option.

The Yanmar Joystick Control System provides boaters with an easy and smooth docking system.  It can literally move the boat sideways across the water, to provide parallel docking.  As an added benefit, the boat can also go through a 360° turn within its own length.   Moreover, it is the only system on the market that delivers high performance joystick control at reasonable cost.

The Yanmar Joystick Control System is designed to operate exclusively with a package of dual Yanmar 8LV diesel engines and the Yanmar ZT370 drive legs.  The match of hydraulic clutch and the vibration free V8 Yanmar 8LV makes this system a breeze to operate.

“The system is simple to operate, much like a video game,” said Micheal Mastry.  “With the single control unit on the dash I can move the boat in any direction, without the aid of a bow thruster or stern thrusters.”

When coming up to the dock I disengage the clutch system and engage the joystick system.  If it is blowing hard I will use a fast mode.  If it’s a lighter wind I will use slow mode.  Almost
immediately the legs tend to move out 20° from each other and point the joystick in the direction I would like the boat to move.” Mastry 3
“It took an hour or so to learn how to use the system, and it gets easier every day.”  The Yanmar Joystick Control System is available for all Yanmar 8LV dual engine installations, and has both recreational and commercial applications.  It is easily installed into new builds, and can also be retro fitted into exiting vessels, subject to selected engineering criteria.

Once the big Nortec Monte Carlo has left the dock and idled out on to Moreton Bay, Micheal Mastry is able to open up the throttles and enjoy the spirited performance of his boat.  The top speed is approximately 52 knots or just short of 100 km/h an impressive speed for a boat of this size.  Comfortable cruising is enjoyed anywhere between 25 knots through to 40 knots, and according to Micheal Mastry, the fuel efficiency is the same at 35 knots as it is at 45 knots.