Yanmar engine driving Latest Rex creation

As the temperature drops across Australia and cozying up to log fires becomes the winter pastime, production is hotting up at Whitlands Engineering for the Rex Trommel; the latest high-speed firewood cleaner able to process almost a cubic metre of wood per minute.

Rex 5

First-rate technology and power supplied by a superior Yanmar engine make this machine a game-changer for the firewood industry.  Combining a traditional ‘trommel’ drum with input and output conveyor belts; the Whitlands’ creation is stunningly simple in design and purpose-built for separating dirt and kindling from wood to ensure only the highest-quality firewood is delivered to market.

Rex 1

“Our Rex Trommel is proving to be very popular with businesses that produce large quantities of firewood,” beams Whitlands Engineering CEO, David Burder. “Cleaning wood is not new. But what we’ve done at Whitlands is develop a machine using high-class engineering, robust materials and a powerful and reliable engine to ensure the wood is cleaned quicker and better, producing only the best quality firewood which retailers prefer.”

Rex 3

Impressively, the powerful machine is easy-to-use and easy-to-move; newly-cut firewood mixed with unwanted waste such as dirt, grass, stones and kindling is simply tipped into a  ‘hopper’ at the back of the Rex Trommel. Once the machine is switched on, the floor of the hopper comes to life – slowly feeding the load into a large metal trommel drum.


The three metre long, 1.2 metre wide trommel is the belly of the beast, made up of strong metal bars set wide enough apart to allow smaller waste products to fall freely from the load, while keeping hold of the market-grade firewood. The trommel rotates steadily and powerfully, churning the wood and separating unwanted waste. The waste material is neatly discharged along the waste conveyor into a skip, leaving the clean, high-quality firewood to move along a nine and a half metre conveyor into a truck ready for market.

Rex 4

At the muscular heart of the Rex Trommel is a Yanmar 3TNV76 diesel engine. The twenty kW, three cylinder engine – supplied by Power Equipment – can easily cope with the weighty demands of cleaning firewood, and was chosen by Whitlands Engineering, who always use Power Equipment and the trusted Yanmar engines in their products, for its quality and reliability.

Rex 2

“We expect our engineering to last for years and years,” explains David Burder, “so we needed an engine to match our high quality. We believe the Yanmar 3TNV76 does exactly that – it’s a top, top engine, and perfect for the job. It’s no good our engineering lasting twenty years if the engine keeps failing,  so we’re happy to work with Power Equipment to produce long-lasting, quality products.”


With firewood needing to be cut before it’s cleaned, the self-contained and wheel-mounted Rex Trommel compliments the full Whitlands ‘Rex’ range, which consists of log saws and firewood processors.

Rex 6

“We’re the country’s leading specialist manufacturer of firewood processors and wood splitters, and Power Equipment is the country’s leading supplier of diesel engines – so it’s a powerful partnership.”


With every state in Australia now being home to a Whitlands ‘Rex’ product complete with Yanmar engine, and four Rex Trommels sold already this year – it’s sure to be a successful partnership as well.

Rex 7

To order your Rex Trommel please visit www.superaxe.com.au.