Yanmar engine a ‘dream fit’ for new 14m Roger Hill catamaran

The Barcoo Drift was built at Noosa Marine

Boutique Sunshine Coast boat builder Noosa Marine recently finished fitting a pair of 480hp Yanmar 6LY3-ETP engines to a new Roger Hill ‘planing power’ catamaran it built at its Noosaville facility.

Installing the Yanmar engines culminated a 13-month build, and Noosa Marine founder Julian Griffiths says the fitout went “like a dream”.

The Noosa Marine team is very proud of the attention to detail it gives to the boats it builds. They have used the Yanmar 6LY3-ETP in a number of previous new builds.

“The cat has performed exceptionally well with those engines,” Julian says. “After an initial water test, the small propeller was re-pitched and it is getting out of the hole very, very well.”

Few composite boat builders in Australia take as much pride in hull finish as Julian’s crew at Noosa Marine, but it is the propulsion from quality Yanmar marine diesel engines that turns that craftsmanship into excitement.

Julian Griffiths and his Yanmar 6LY3-ETP

The direct injection, turbocharged, six-in-line cylinder 6LY3 is a recent addition to Yanmar’s line-up of clean, quiet, powerful and fuel-efficient marine engines. It’s a popular choice among Australian boat builders and refitters in both the recreational and commercial sectors. The Central Queensland-based owners of the new cat ordered it specifically.

On its delivery run to Mackay the new catamaran (named Barcoo Drift in a tribute to the owner’s home district) used good weather and the 5.8-litre Yanmars to notable effect. It had an average running speed of 21 knots at 80 litres per hour, numbers that the new owners are very pleased with.

While Power Equipment had not completed final sea test statistics on the new engines at the time of this story, Julian had seen impressive numbers from the bridge on initial water testing at the engine’s full 3300 RPM.

Yanmar 6LY3-ETP

“It was getting in excess of 31 knots at wide-open-throttle from what we saw in early runs,” he says.

That is an exciting performance for 14 metres of luxury catamaran, no doubt helped by well-balanced engine positioning and the low dry weight of the Yanmar 6LY3s, which come in at just 640 kg each.

With a displacement around the 13 tonne mark, twin-480hp engines are the recommended power choice for this Roger Hill design.

With Yanmar 6LY3 engines, these cats deliver excellent cruising speeds in the 20-25 knot range, according to the boat’s designer. This shows the value of good design and a waterline hull length just under 13m.

Yanmar’s 24-valve 6LY3-ETP engines will no doubt continue to impress in this latest Roger Hill design build for many years to come. Its new owners intend to enjoy her performance (and fishing) in the Whitsundays, one of their favourite boating areas.