Yanmar Drives Whitlands Rex 600 Wood Splitters

Whitlands 1
As the cost of energy continues to soar, slow combustion wood burning heaters are steadily gaining in popularity.  And just as the demand for timber climbs, so too does the need for mechanical wood splitters to prepare firewood.

Firewood suppliers are turning to companies such as Whitlands Engineering for their commercial grade wood splitters.  These machines must have the ability to run all day long, splitting tree logs into uniform segments, safely and efficiently.

Operating from the remote hamlet of Whitlands in north east Victoria, David Burder of Whitlands Engineering specifies Yanmar diesel engines exclusively for his bigger, top of the range of Rex wood splitters.  These are robust, heavy duty machines which are and of timber per hour.

We are in the business of manufacturing high quality, reliable wood splitters for commercial Our products are sold throughout Australia, New Zealand and exported to the UK so it is important that the components we use in our Rex Above:  David Burder s why we have swung behind Yanmar for our Rex ”

The Rex 600 operation is straightforward in concept.  Cut logs pass along a series of feed rollers to a point where the operator positions the log under the guillotine.  With the operator required to activate the guillotine with a left and right hand control, a hydraulic press drives through the log, splitting it into segments.

These roll off the table onto an out feed belt which dumps the cut timber into a truck or hopper.

Whitlands 2
While the splitting operation is basic in concept, behind the process lies a considerable amount of advanced engineering.  The entire Rex trailer is self contained and portable.   This means that the log splitter can be moved around the yard or taken to the forest if necessary.

Mounted under a canopy at the front of the trailer is a Yanmar 3TNV88 diesel engine.  The Yanmar drives a direct coupled hydraulic pump which delivers 90 litres of hydraulic fluid per minute at 3300 psi.

diameter hydraulic ram, rated to 26 tonnes.  The ram operates on a 6 second cycle to deliver 10 cuts per minute.  Fuel consumption is exceptionally low.  At full throttle, 2700 rpm, the Yanmar 3TNV uses just 3 litres per hour, drawing fuel from the on-board 60 litre tank.

We changed to Yanmar because the Yanmar TNV series is a better quality engine than the s reputation for excellence is well deserved. Even though it costs a little more, we think it really helps us deliver quality to  our customers”

Whitlands 3

The Yanmar 3TNV88 model diesel engine develops 36.3 mhp at 3000 rpm.  It is a compact, state of the art, three cylinder engine noted for its quiet operation and low fuel consumption.  Being a water cooled engine greatly assists in keeping the noise levels low and well within the required OH&S standards, especially important in applications where sustained operation is the norm.

This engine is supplied to Whitlands Engineering as a ‘power pack’ model.  This means that the engine is supplied complete from the radiator to the flywheel together with Power Equipment’s engine protection system.

The bigger Rex 600X firewood processor has an identical Yanmar 3TNV88 engine and hydraulic system; the difference is that the Rex 600X has an inbuilt feed hopper to deliver even better productivity.

“We’re very satisfied with the performance of Yanmar on our Rex firewood processors,” said David Burder.   “I’m glad that we made the change.”