Yanmar 8LV Repower Leaves Owner With No Regrets

Reel Deep 1
In boating terms, this old girl of the sea has been around a bit.  Reel Deep started life in Queensland as a commercial fishing boat, then a charter fishing boat, before spending some time in the West as a pilot boat.  Kevin then brought her back from West Australia to Townsville.

Along the journey, in 2001 the aluminium hull was lengthened by 2 meters and widened by 600 mm for a LOA of 11.8m and beam of 3.5m.  By the time Kevin Hendry in Townsville acquired her, Reel Deep was in poor condition.

Kevin used Reel Deep as his personal game fishing boat, and together with his diesel mechanic son-in-law kept the boat operating.  But the need to make running repairs to the engines while on the reef 50nm offshore proved to be a defining moment for Kevin Hendry.
said Together with the fact that the boat was under powered was enough for me to decide on a repower.

I was really happy with the big commercial hull, The original European manufactured engines developed just under 240hp each and were driving through sterndrive legs, however, they struggled to keep Reel Deep on the plane.  At wide open throttle Reel Deep was good for 21 knots, but with the engines working so hard, they often overheated.

The path to purchasing a pair of Yanmar 8LV marine diesel engines was typical of most boaties who repower.  Kevin looked at replacing his old engines with something bigger from the same manufacturer, but the power requested was not offered.  He looked at competitive
brands from the US and other European manufacturers, and although these were cheaper t impressed.

The option of going for outboards was considered, and rejected, on the basis of diesel being safer at sea than petrol.

 Reel Deep 2
At the end of the process, everything pointed to the Yanmar 8LV engines.  Combined, they offered an additional 260 hp over the original engines which were removed along with the original sterndrive legs.

The Yanmar 8LV is offered in two configurations, 320 mhp (235kW) model 8LV320, and 370 mhp (272 kW) 8LV370.  Kevin Hendry opted for the bigger model, to maximise his performance gains.

At the heart of the new Yanmar 8LV is a 90°, V8 cylinder block.  It features twin turbo chargers and direct injection with a common rail fuel system.   There are four valves per cylinder and tipping the scales at just 435 kgs dry weight, this impressive marine engine
continues the Yanmar tradition of delivering high power from a low weight package.

The new Yanmar ZT370 sterndrive has been specifically designed and built to mate to the Yanmar 8LV.  The quiet hydrodynamic ZT370 clutch delivers exceptional smoothness during gear shifting.  Precision forged gears deliver long life and the two counter rotating propellers have been purpose matched for superb acceleration, planing and tight hold tracking. Rosshaven Marine at Townsville performed the repower with minor changes to the engine beds, however no changes were required at the transom.  The new Yanmar ZT370 out perfectly.  Nick Marsden (Power Equipment Nth Qld Area Manager) worked closely with Rosshaven Marine & provided the technical support as well as being involved with the vessel commissioning & operational checks.

With Reel Deep back on the water, Kevin Hendry was astonished at the difference.  The first thing that was noticeably different was the hole shot.  With 740 hp bolted into the engine s only the start of the
performance improvements.
Top speed with the Yanmars on board has lifted from 21 knots to 25 knots with the 8LV engines ticking over at 4200 rpm.  Reel Deep now cruises at 3500 rpm for 26 knots with a fuel consumption of 50 litres per engine per hour.
On his regular trip out to the reef, Kevin Hendry is now saving 180 litres of fuel per trip.  This involves a run out of 80 nm plus some trolling and moving about of 20 nm, following by a s in the engine room, there is a time saving of well over an hour each way.
Kevin Hendry said.    They are hugely more efficient, quieter and there is no smoke.  The Yanmar instrumentation ”

“I definitely made the right choice in repowering with Yanmar.”