Yanmar 3TNV Provides the Power to Water Blast

Yanmar 3TNV88 is a rugged, durable diesel engine that is ideally suited to the unforgiving mining environment.Jetblaster 3

 The Sydney based company Jetblaster was commissioned by Rio Tinto to design and manufacture the pump.   As a result of this project Jetmaster has added this model to their expansive range of high pressure water blasters.

 “We had already supplied the mining industry with high pressure water blasters for cleaning applications,” said Hamish Lorenz, Manager of Jetblaster.

 “Jetblaster has a deserved reputation for supplying heavy and durable equipment for operation in harsh working environments.  This latest project proved to be well within our core capability.”

 The new unit for Rio Tinto comprises a high pressure pump which delivers 5000 psi of pressure to the single gun at a rate of 25 litres of water per minute.  The Italian sourced pump requires 17 kW of power to drive it at full capacity.

 Hamish Lorenz selected the Yanmar 3TNV88 in consultations with John Mason of Power Equipment, the authorised Distributor of Yanmar diesel engines in Australia.  The Yanmar 3TNV88 is the perfect match as it develops 21 kW of power at 2300 rpm, meaning that the engine does not  have to operate at its full capacity to deliver the required power demanded by the water pump. 

 The Yanmar engine was specified due to its ability to operate continuously.   With a 50 litre fuel tank on-board the self contained unit, the pump can operate continuously for 25 hours at full speed with the Yanmar engine consuming just 2.5 litres per hour.

 The Yanmar 3TNV Yanmar is a premium quality compact 3 cylinder in-line diesel engine renowned for its low noise and low vibration, easy starts and fuel efficiency.  

With the Yanmar engine operating at 2300 rpm, the pump is driven via a Yanmar supplied side load PTO kit and pulleys to run at 1500 rpm.   There is no clutch required.

“We initially intended to use a different brand of diesel engine on this project,” Hamish Lorenz said.  “But on closer examination we settled on the Yanmar which  Power Equipment supply as a complete, assembled package from their Melbourne workshop.  This proved to be a real bonus for us.”

Jet Blaster 1

The assembled Power Pack delivered to Jetblaster comprised of the Yanmar 3TNV88 engine, side load kit, radiator, air cleaner, silencer, variable speed controller, Power Equipment ECM  90 engine protection system, all fully wired and tested.  This effectively reduces the manufacturing time taken by Jetblaster to build the complete unit.

“The people at Power Equipment are so easy to deal with regarding the Yanmar products,” Hamish said.   “John Mason and I were able to work collaboratively on ideas to come up with the complete package for this project.”

“And by using the Yanmar 3TNV we have seen that this engine can be used with both bigger and smaller water pumps without having to change the configuration.   It is a very versatile engine, one which we have come to appreciate very much.”

“It will not let the operator down due to being low on noise, fuel efficient and low on emissions.”