Yanamr Powers Buizen Superyacht

Buizen 1

Described by the manufacturer with terms such as artisanal craftsmanship, European style and luxury, timeless design and cutting edge technology, the Sydney built Buizen 52 pilot house yacht is all of this and more.

The power behind this exceptional vessel is the Yanmar 4LHA-HTP marine diesel engine with a Yanmar KMH50A Hydraulic shift transmission.  Fitted underneath the oiled teak floor in the main saloon, the Yanmar is the perfect choice for this prestigious vessel.

Not only does the Yanmar 4LHA have a compact installation envelope, but it also has to be a super quiet operator.  The Yanmar is fitted virtually in the centre of the luxury Buizen 52 with only the teak laid floor separating on-board guests from the engine.

“We switched to Yanmar diesel engines many years ago because it is a high quality international brand,” said Steve Howe, Director of Buizen Yachts.

“Our boats sail the world over, so it is critically vital that the key components that we fit are not only high quality performers, but they are supported by superior after market support in ports the world over.”
Buizen 3
“Yanmar is the brand that for Buizen, delivers on performance and product support.  It is a brand that has a worldwide warrantee that Buizen customers can rely upon.”

The Yanmar 4LHA is a sturdy 4 in-line cylinder, purpose built marine diesel engine.  It features direct injection, with the induction being driven by a turbocharger with intercooler.  Displacing 3.455 litres, the 4LHA is rated to 160 mhp at 3300 rpm.  Tipping the scales at 360 kgs, the Yanmar 4LHA has one of the best power to weight ratios in its class.

By any measure the Buizen 52 is a large vessel.  It has a length overall of almost 16m, the beam is 4.75 m and it displaces 18.8 tonnes.  The boat is designed with performance in mind.   Yet it is luxury personified.    Appointments on board and the finish is nothing short of the very best available.

“As a low volume, high quality boat manufacturer we have the luxury of being able to be very specific about the equipment that we select for our Buizen yachts,” Steve Howe said.

“We selected Yanmar because of their reputation for quality, engine reliability, after sales service and the reasonable cost of spare parts.   Their support of us as a manufacturer is just amazing.”

In addition to the Yanmar 4LHA installed in the Buizen 52, Steve Howe has also selected the Danish manufactured 3 blade Gori folding propeller to drive the 18.8 tonne boat. The 3 blade Gori propeller is the only folding propeller operating the same pitch in forward and in reverse (The blades turn 180 degree), therefore it has the same thrust in forward and reverse. The propeller is actually more efficient than a 3 blade fixed propeller in reverse.
Buizen 2
The 3 blade Gori propeller has an Overdrive, a second pitch which can be compared to the 5th gear in a car. You use the overdrive function when motoring in calm waters or when motor sailing. It can save you 20% in fuel and when you are pushing a 19 tonne yacht through the water, this can be quite considerable.

When sailing and your 3 blade Gori propeller is folded, it has the lowest drag of all 2 and 3 blade propellers, fixed, feathering and folding with only 1.4 Newtons of drag at 6 knots. In addition, the 3 blade Gori propeller once folded does not auto rotate, so no shaft brake or transmission lock is required.

Modern design features, Yanmar power plant and Gori propeller are only part of the innovative story behind the new Buizen 52.

The Buizen 52 is truly a world class pocket super yacht and is one that the team at Power Equipment is very proud to have partnered with Buizen Yachts with during the design and development.