What do you get when you cross a golden retriever with a Power Equipment showroom? A Great Partnership!

A chance meeting with a friendly Golden Retriever dog has set up an Australian Export partnership through the help of the Power Equipment team and the tough clean power of Yanmar diesel engines.

Not many international export success stories are sparked by a wandering pet – but here’s a true story.

When Worldpoly’s unofficial “company” hound – Griffin (a six-year-old Golden Retriever) – wandered from his usual workplace address and into the head office of Power Equipment in Melbourne, a helpful partnership was formed.

In the process of coming to retrieve the wayward “Griff”, Managing Director of Worldpoly Rob Hall was pleasantly surprised to discover a world of Yanmar engine expertise virtually on his doorstep in the shape of the Power Equipment team.

Rob was in the process of developing a polyethylene pipe butt welding machine for export to the United States market, but through his usual engine suppliers was running into a lack of understanding, when it came to providing a powerplant for his machines that met strict US Tier 4 emissions standards.

“We spoke to the other engine companies but they either didn’t sell, or just couldn’t support the Tier 4 compliant engines we required for export to the US,” Rob explained.

At the heart of the unit is the 3TNV88F-UGGE which has its 15kW applied across two primary duties – hydraulic power and element heating (Photo Credit: Worldpoly)

Yanmar’s 3TNV88F-UGGE provides a clean solution for PolyForce machines

Worldpoly’s PolyForce pipe butt welding machines are a combination of high-tech application, engineering standards precision and Australian ingenuity.

They will deliver polyethylene pipe-joining welds to exact ISO or ASTM standards with zero chance of operator error in such joins. And with Yanmar engines on board, they can do it all day (or night) long!

“During the design process, we made a much tougher machine than is currently available on the market,” Rob explains.

“The US market demands strict Tier 4 emissions standards for any diesel engine onboard – even for off-road and construction machinery (unlike Australia) and we really didn’t know where to start with getting the right engine to meet that requirement.”

A quick chat with Power Equipment’s power products team soon revealed an easily available Yanmar diesel option in the shape of the 3TNV88F-UGGE.

But an emissions compliant engine was only part of the win for Rob:

“We’ve had a truly great experience with the Power Equipment team so far,” he enthuses.

“I’m not just talking about the service and support – they literally solved all the problems in terms of emissions compliance and running parameters for the engines.”

High praise indeed.

Hydraulic pipe clamps prevent slippage while trimming and heating plates prepare the surface ready for the hydraulics to force surfaces together to create a strong reliable bond in a fully automated process (Photo Credit: Worldpoly)

The Yanmar power (just over 15kW or 20.4 horsepower in the 3TNV88F-UGGE) is not wasted in the PolyForce platform.

The Yanmar’s grunt is applied across two primary duties on the butt welder – hydraulic power and element heating.

There is close to 12KVa of power used on the Teflon-coated heating plates alone to prepare each polyethylene pipe for joining. This is followed by the application of huge hydraulic forces pushing the heated pipe surfaces together and producing a join that is stronger than the pipe itself.

Worldpoly opted for hydraulic drive of the generator on their PolyForce machines, and while this may not be the most efficient power take-off from the Yanmars for producing electricity (there are losses of around ten per cent according to Rob), it freed up design options for the units as a whole.

Knowing your engine is knowing its destination…

Dean Whitford, Power Equipment’s National Power Products Sales Manager can tell you anything you want to know about Yanmar’s TNV range of diesel engines – and you would hope so given he has some thirty years in the industry.

The TNV range come in 2, 3 and 4 cylinder variants and have been applied to literally thousands of industrial applications worldwide.

What got the Yanmar product “over the line” with Worldpoly for Dean and his team was their understanding and assistance with emissions information and clear guidelines about various operating conditions.

All internal combustion engines will deliver differently depending on environmental conditions. One of the strengths of the Yanmar product is that it’s operating output and efficiencies across all environmental conditions – from hot desert locations to the freezing cold of places like the Rocky Mountains or Alaska in the USA – are clearly documented and available for the client.

“The fact that we could help with compliance requirements and paperwork for US Tier 4 emissions requirements got us in the door with Worldpoly,” says Dean.

“Our ability to provide clear data for exactly how our TNV machines will deliver under different atmospheric and environmental conditions have given us another edge with the Yanmar product.”

Rob agrees:

“The reality with R&D (research and development) of a new machine is that it’s always full of questions as you go,” Rob said.

“The Power Equipment guys know their stuff and were willing to help along the way – and by that I mean the whole way. If we could get that kind of assistance from other suppliers of gear on our machines, we’d have half the job in developing the final product!”

And while the TNV engine is ultimately, in Dean Whitford’s words, “a means to an end” in terms of the PolyForce butt welding machines, they are matching the technology and robustness required by Worldpoly.

“Yes, we want to use the Yanmar because of the Tier 4 emissions compliance, a good range of engine options and the fact that they (Power Equipment) are keeping us happy, but they are also matching our machines well too,” Rob explained.

“They are ready for stuff like IoT (Internet of Things) and work well with the onboard tech of the PolyForce machines we’ve developed.”

Machine functions are controlled via an intuitive, rugged and easy-to-use touchscreen that allows full functional control

Worldpoly are serious when they claim to have built a tough machine, with even the electronics meeting rugged standards.

“The PLC we use onboard is full mining spec tough – it’s the same units used on underground rock drilling equipment,” Rob says.

Worldpoly’s PolyForce units also include data loggers for full tracking of operation, taking human error out of the primary task of butt welding. With such strict and exacting international standards on the joining of such pipe, Worldpoly’s machine technologies take the quality assurance worries away.

And with the reliability of Yanmars like the 3TNV88F-UGGE keeping things running, the jobs will get done properly every time.

A naturally aspirated three-cylinder engine displacing just over 1.6litres, the 3TNV88F-UGGE is part of a new line of Final Tier 4 engines based on the famous TNV series.

Yanmar achieved superior exhaust cleanliness by improving the TNV’s combustion chamber and clever application of exhaust gas recirculation. It is interesting to note that this engine delivers nearly half the emissions per kWh at its higher power outputs – in effect an engine that gets cleaner the harder you work it!

A focus on vibration reduction and higher-strength materials will also deliver a high life engine with less down time for hard-working applications.

A Yanmar for every application

Worldpoly ended up utilising a turbocharged variant of the TNV Yanmar range for its newly developed PolyForce machines because more power was needed than the 3TNV88F’s could deliver on the beefed-up version of the butt welding units. Rob explained that these machines were quickly snapped up in the domestic market and he is working with Power Equipment to apply a higher horsepower, Tier 4 Yanmar for the USA-bound machines.

“We’ve recently sold two 1600mm units to the USA (machines capable of joining pipes of 1.6metres in diametre),” Rob says “and it’s going to be a big market. There is a massive amount of pipe infrastructure earmarked for repair or replacement across the US, infrastructure that was put in post-World War 2 that is failing.”

Already a supplier to more than 100 countries worldwide, Worldpoly is no newcomer to satisfying the needs of overseas customers.

Rob’s father – Tom Hall Snr – is credited with being one of the pioneers of extruded polyethylene pipe into the Australian market some 65 years ago.

Now a third-generation business, Worldpoly is continuing its Australian export success story with a serious foray into the American market thanks to the help of Yanmar power and expertise.

Who could have guessed that Griffin the Golden Retriever would help form such a brilliant partnership in export opportunity for Australia? Good boy Griff…good boy!

Hydraulic controls, warning panel, just part of the range of features that contribute to the user friendliness of the PolyForce 500 (Photo Credit: Worldpoly).