Remarkable versatile new Shoreline 86 powered by Yanmar


A new multi-purpose fishing vessel paired with Yanmar 6AYEM-GT series engines is set to create waves in Western Australia’s marine industry.

Shoreline Marine Fabrication based in Henderson built the 86-foot Global Marine Design aluminium vessel. It was launched for sea trials and systems testing off Fremantle in December, 2018 and it turned in an impressive performance.

Named the Ada Clara, the 26.2m long, 50 tonne fishing craft can carry a 14-plus tonne fuel and catch load and will take its place as the flagship for the Western Wild Fisheries company.

Ada Clara has two 737kW Yanmar 6AYEM-GT marine engines which are designed to minimise fuel consumption and optimise performance with precise digitally-controlled fuel injection.

Power Equipment supplied the engines and before the build, Power Equipment WA Sales Manager, Nick Marsden, met with the owner and Shoreline Marine to discuss the advantages of Yanmar’s new electronic, common-rail version of the proven 6AY Series.

Nick says with its 20-litre displacement and a long stroke, the Yanmar 6AYEM-GTproduces very high torque.


“Thanks to 500-hour maintenance intervals, long fuel injector life and Yanmar’s renowned low fuel consumption, these engines keep running costs to a minimum, which is what commercial marine operators require.

“The key to the performance and efficiency of the 6AY Series is the new staggered injection nozzle and patented ‘ASSIGN’ combustion chamber design. Yanmar originally developed ASSIGN for large bore, low speed propulsion engines, so it allows for a very wide rpm range and delivers outstanding fuel consumption.”

Because this was the first time 6AY engines with ASSIGN have been used is this type of application, Shoreline Marine’s installation attracted engineers from Yanmar Japan and Yanmar Asia (Singapore). They visited Fremantle during the Ada Clara’s sea trials to get a first-hand look at performance of the 6AYEM-GT engine and how it performs and suits the Australian commercial fishing vessels.

Power Equipment National Marine Sales Manager Mark Butterfield says Australia is the biggest market outside of Japan for Yanmar 6AYEM-GT engines.

6AYEM-GT engines are used successfully in many commercial marine sectors in Australia, and this latest application has shaped up as a fantastic fit,” Mark says.

Mark says the Ada Clara’s on-water speeds in initial runs were “remarkable”.

Power Equipment Senior Service Engineer, Jim Kibblewhite, was also at the trials and he says the new vessel did better through the entire rev range of the engines than most he has seen.

“Her waterline length no doubt helps with that,” Jim says. “At 75 percent engine load she achieved 19 knots, while at 50 percent load we were still clocking 16.5 knots.” Sea trials also proved the vessel is capable of a 25 knot top speed.

The 737-kilowatt 6AYEM-GT engines are coupled to 2.48:1 gearboxes which allow one metre diameter propellers to be swung on the shafts.


“Even with a simulated full fuel and catch load put on board during trials, the engines lost less than 15 rpm at wide-open-throttle,” Jim says. “This is proof of a good set up of electronically-controlled direct-injection engines and a quality installation.”

The Ada Clara’s engines produced no visible smoke during start-up or manoeuvring and very little during heavy load acceleration tests, which is in line with Yanmar’s aim to produce engines that surpass global emission standards.

Shoreline Marine has built the Ada Clara to be a versatile vessel, and the design could have applications in other industries, including oil and gas, charters or marine research.

Ada Clara’s initial work load will be line fishing for species-specific catches in deeper waters along the Western Australia coast. It will clock up around 1,500 hours a year on her engines, depending on weather and market conditions.


Fishing deep water takes a lot of steaming time. This means the power that the Yanmar 6AYEM-GT can produce combined with the speeds the Ada Clara is capable of, will deliver fresher fish back to market and a quicker turnaround.

The new owner says during its trials the Ada Clara showed excellent sea-keeping abilities. It is also very quiet which is good because noise equals fatigue in any working environment.

The decision to specify the Yanmar 6AYEM-GT engines was based on their power-to-weight ratios, service intervals, and speed ratios relative to fuel consumption.

The 6AYEM-GT engines provide easy access to all maintenance points, even for major works if required. For example, individual pistons can be removed without removing the engine.

Everyone involved in the launch of the Ada Clara is happy with the results. Power Equipment is impressed with Brad Moseley’s Shoreline Marine build quality and installation of the 6AYEM-GT engines.

The vessel’s owner is equally happy with both Brad’s team and Power Equipment. He says “Power Equipment made sure everything would run properly from installation through to the sea trial.”