Pumps Australia Teams up with Yanmar on Quality Platform

Like so many industry segments, the pressure cleaning market is as tough as ever.  In addition to local manufacturers, competition from low cost manufacturers overseas is forcing companies like Pumps Australia to reinvent themselves.
Pumps Aust

According to Company Managing Director, John Warne, making a commitment to quality ahead of volume is the basic tenant which has seen his company not only survive, but now expand.

Central to the drive for quality has been a partnership with the Yanmar brand of diesel engines.   Since he commenced his small business building water pressure cleaners in 1997, John has used Yanmar.

Our strength is our ability to provide advanced technical pumping solutions that are quality based.  That means our equipment is more advanced than our competitors, they are durable  and they are reliable.  This sets us apart.”  These include water transfer pumps, trash pumps, high pressure cleaners and hot/cold pressure cleaners.

Across this range, Pumps Australia purchases the Yanmar L48, L70 L100 and 3TNV engines.

“We supplied two high pressure hot and cold water cleaners to BHP in 2003,” John said.

“They pumped 21 litres per minute at 4,000 psi with a Yanmar 3TNV driving the system, Model No PX21 280 Hot and Cold.   After about 8 years BHP brought the units back for an upgrade to the electrical 12 volt smart system which had to be converted from 240 volts to 12 volts, which was also a safer system, due to no inverters – no generators and no unreliable heat sensitive circuit board systems.  That was two years ago and those units are still performing brilliantly and very reliably in the tough mine site conditions.”

Towards the top end of the Pumps Australia range are their Xtreme Series hot and cold high pressure cleaners.  These are used in mine sites where select equipment has to be cleaned down on a weekly basis.  The capability to deliver 4,000 psi of hot water at 21 litres per minute from a mobile unit is impressive.

“We’re very happy with the Yanmar brand,” John Warne said.  “They deliver a quality product.  It has a superior finish and is the best of the best in terms of design.  It is a good match for our premium end products.”

With so much of the Pumps Australia production heading to remote locations, John Warne has to be confident that the equipment that he supplies is reliable and properly supported by the manufacturer. “The support from Yanmar is first rate, I’ve no complaints.  Because we have equipment in many far flung places I need first rate, prompt back up.  Yanmar supports us.”

The future for Pumps Australia is looking great.  John Warne, together with his two sons, is in the process of relocating to larger premises.  They have a commitment to expand into new market segments and of course, Yanmar figures as a continuing supplier.