Torqeedo: The Technology: The Environment

Torqeedo: The Technology


An ever increasing world population, a doubling of the global middle class in our decade, limited oil with rising cost, efforts to reduce global warming and an increasing trend towards sustainable lifestyles. These are all compelling reasons why you should consider the Torqeedo Electric engine for your boat.

  • Torqeedo Electric Drive Systems are ideal for sensitive waters as they cause no water Pollution
  • They do not discharge any exhaust into the water
  • No water contamination of the water as a result of refuelling
  • No oil enters the water from a leaking cooling system
  • Torqeedo Motors have an exemplary carbon footprint producing no exhaust gasses or carbon footprint during use.
  • No Smells, No Noise. Torqeedo motors are not completely silent, but they are significantly quieter than comparable combustion motors, this combined with no petrol or oil smells it presents a sound environmental alternative to the standard petrol/diesel engines