M844W3 Northern Lights Marine Generator

Northern Lights Marine Generators

16 kW @ 60 Hz / 1800 rpm | 12 kW @ 50 Hz 1500 rpm

A vessel that needs 16 to 20 kW is large enough that continuous power is critical to its operation. Unfortunately, most sets in this range have small displacement, light duty diesels that can’t stand up to heavy use. Some even need turbochargers to compensate for their small displacement.

The M844W3 is different. Powered by a naturally aspirated, four cylinder diesel, this set has the low end torque needed to start big electric motors. Yet it weighs under 900 pounds and is compact in size. The M844W3 meets US EPA Tier III emission standards protecting the environment you enjoy.

Vibration isolation mounts, cast air intake manifold and sound maze intake silencer make the set remarkably smooth and quiet. A sound enclosure is available.

Operation and maintenance are simple. A 20 foot wire harness and control panel lets you run the set from your boat’s bridge. The engine’s DC electrical system uses reliable relays instead of delicate printed circuit boards. If a failure should occur, you can simply plug in an inexpensive relay. All service points are on one side within easy reach. The sea water pump’s location makes impeller changes a snap.

Need hydraulic power? Add an optional front PTO (power take off) with an electric clutch. At the touch of a button you have power for your bowthruster and winches without starting your main engine.

Cylinders: 4 inline
Bore: 3.30 in (84 mm)
Stroke: 3.5 in (90 mm)
Displacement: 121 cid (1.9 ltr)
Fuel System: Mechanical
Aspiration: Natural
Length: 46.0 in (1169 mm)
Width: 22.8 in (580 mm)
Height: 28.1 in (713 mm)
Weight: 876 lbs (397 kg)
Enclosure Length: 46.0 in (1423 mm)
Enclosure Width: 22.8 in (580 mm)
Enclosure Height: 28.1 in (714 mm)
Enclosure Weight: 125 lbs (57 kg
NOTE: Information, specifications, materials and dimensions subject to change without notice.