Northern Lights Commercial Marine Generators

Marine Generators: Commercial Series 20 kW to 150 kW

Reliabilty. Durability. Simplicity.

Northern Lights C-Series sets are designed for the commercial vessel owner who wants Northern Lights rugged reliability, long life, and service support — all at a very affordable price.

Each C-Series generator set is powered by a Lugger diesel. These anvil-tough engines have heavy duty blocks and are well known for providing commercial craft propulsion. Based on tractor engines, Luggers have the low end torque needed to start large electric motors

The engine protects itself with a safety shutdown system. Then, at rebuild time, most have replaceable cylinder liners to make the job less expensive.

With seven models from 20 to 150 kW, the C-Series allows you to choose the set that is right for your vessel. Combine them with other Northern Lights sets from 5.5 to 520 kW to make an integrated power system for larger vessels.