YEG140 2-Pole 8.8 – 14.0kVA

Industrial Generators

  • Low Noise – Sound attenuatted canopy
  • Environmentally Sound
  • Quiest, Safe, Clean and ready to use
  • Intergrated fuel tank
  • Perfect for your power needs

The YEG Series delivers on the Dependability and Economy of World Class Power Generation

Quiet, safe, clean, and ready to use, the YEG 140 generator set are the top-quality, straight forward answer to your power needs – You get the advantages of 2-pole generation in a newly enhanced, durable, cost-saving form.

Quiet and Good to the Environment The first thing you notice about the YEG140 is that there is so little noise. Yanmar’s own CAE techniques have gauged the stiffness of materials just right and dampened radiant noise.

Those methods have also produced the perfect muffler volumes and optimum use of sound isolation materials. It all adds up to extra-low noise that is ideal for use in urban and residential areas. The all-round people-friendliness is obvious in the exhaust data, too, thanks to the Yanmar Mini Max engines.

The YEG140 series is kind to the environment. Beside low noise and emissions, it contains no asbestos, mercury, poly brominated biphenyl, polybrominated diphenyl ether or cadmium. The use of safe materials was a core theme from the word go.

Being Compact, Powerful and Long-Lasting Yanmar has a long tradition of producing world beating small, high-speed, hard-working engines. Their combination here with superb Single-phase, 2 or 3 wire or 3-phase, 4-wire generators are tried and tested in many harsh working environments. The MiniMax is Yanmar’s state-of-the-art small industrial engines which is more durable than ever due to enhanced block cooling, stiffer cranks and pistons, and finer journal and other tolerances. The gensets have protective devices against lubrication oil pressure drop, excessive water temperature rise and faulty battery charging. These are gensets that will continue to run and run. Refer to product brochure for more detailed information.