Media Releases

Media Releases

Yanmar 8LV Repower Leaves Owner With No Regrets

30 April 2014

In boating terms, this old girl of the sea has been around a bit.  Reel Deep started life in Queensland as a commercial…

Reel Deep 1

Designing Yanmar Repower Rejuvenates Sentimental Bertram 39

28 April 2014

A boatie with a keen eye will instantly recognise Outsider as a classic vessel.  This fully imported and rare boat, the Bertram 39…

Outsider 1

Designing a Passion for Yanmar

24 April 2014

Naval architect Stuart Ballantyne is a highly talented man of the sea.  He frequently challenges conventional wisdom in ship design, but when it…

Stuart Ballentyne 3

Torres Pilots Choose Yanmar….. Again and Again

03 April 2014

Torres Pilots is a the largest GBR pilotage provider in the three compulsory pilotage areas on the Great Barrier Reef being the Great…

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