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A customer first focus for our new National Spare Parts Manager

Recently promoted to the position of National Spare Parts Manager, Josh Connor has taken on his new role with a sense of purpose and customer satisfaction.

Josh is based at our head office in Lynbrook (Melbourne), and oversees our entire national spare parts operation. And with hundreds of thousands of products to manage, you can bet it’s a big role to fill.

It’s a challenge that Josh has taken head on.

Josh has over 25 years experience in spare parts and service, working with a range of diesel engines including Mercedes-Benz, Mack Trucks and Iveco, just to name a few. With so much industry experience, Josh is fully aware of the need for speed and accuracy in getting the parts to where they need to be, as quickly as possible. This is extremely important when parts are needed to keep an operation running.

“We recently had a customer who was installing new equipment in their brand new manufacturing facility. We managed to deliver the part within a few hours, and even provided some technical assistance to ensurethe installation went smoothly.” Josh says about a recent success story.

While Josh’s parts background provides the basis for his success and understanding, it’s his technical knowledge and passion for engines that makes all the difference.

“I love my cars and four wheel drives, and spend a bit of time tinkering around so I know just a little bit” Josh says with a smile. “Sometimes we get a customer request an odd part or something they have never ordered before, and the team are always alert to any orders out of the ordinary. We do our best to get in touch and make sure the part is actually going to solve the issue.”

We welcome Josh to his new role and hope our customers get to experience Josh’s positive customer support and problem solving abilities, as much as we have thus far.

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