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McLoughlin Mini Loaders and Yanmar punch (and lift!) above their weight

McLoughlin Mini Loaders can lift, bore, dig and manipulate all manner of material handling tasks far beyond what their overall dimensions and horsepower would suggest – and it’s all thanks to the ever-reliable Yanmar 3TNV76 in the McLoughlin Outlaw Diesel Mini Loader.

Two machines in the world right now that punch far above their weight would be mini loaders and Yanmar’s TNV series of industrial engines – and perhaps none more than Kieron McLoughlin’s machines with Yanmar’s 3TNV76-ASA engines onboard.

McLoughlin Mini Loaders are another of Australia’s true industrial machine design and build success stories. Established in 2011, McLoughlin Mini Loaders are now sold all over the country and have recently broken into the United States market.

“To be honest, Power Equipment have been very reliable as a supplier and you really can’t fault the Yanmar engine – they’ll go hard all day when you need them to,” says Managing Director Kieron McLoughlin.

“I’d have to say I also like the fact that when you call your Power Equipment representative, they will answer the phone.”

The McLoughlin Outlaw Diesel Mini Loader model built here in Australia uses the Yanmar diesel and is affectionately called the “Sherman Tank” of the mini loader world by Kieron, (they’re made from 10mm plate steel, so the “tank” label is certainly not an overstatement!).

Designed for heavy use by contractors and hire companies alike, the Outlaw uses its 27 horsepower 3TNV76 Yanmar to drive two hydraulic pumps. The output of these two pumps can be combined as much or as little as required to the machine’s auxilary using a pump selector and flow regulator.

The Yanmar helps those hydraulic units create a powerful 3,400psi in oil pressure, giving the Outlaw a huge amount of lift, working load and speed.

The hydraulic pump system can give the Outlaw a ground speed of 9.5km/h, and while you’re probably not going to win too many laps at Bathurst, it’s a step ahead for a loader of this size.

“The Outlaw has a world-first in terms of the way its two hydraulic pumps can direct flow to its 3-speed transmission,” explained Kieren, “and the Yanmar is driving the pumps that deliver all the driving hydraulically. “No electric solenoids are used in that hydraulic pump combination which really does give ultimate reliability.”

The three speeds allow for a slow and careful mode where tight access or new user speeds are advisable, a second speed for normal use and an “overdrive” gear for shifting large amounts of material quickly. Indeed, the fast gear is capable of saving up to 1.5 hours of material handling time in an average work day according to Kieron.

Based on Yanmar’s famous and long-trusted TNE series of industrial engines, the 3TNV76 is a 3-cylinder, 1.116 litre water-cooled diesel engine. It utilises indirect injection via a high-pressure mechanical fuel pump and Yanmar’s unique fuel injection nozzle and combustion chamber designs.

It’s all about size with a mini-loader too, and the 3TNV76’s dimensions, (524mm long by just 427mm in width), ensure not only a neat fit, but also allows for access on this easy-to-service engine.

Coming it at just on 1,000kg in operating weight, the Outlaw has a safe WLL of not far off half its weight. It’s list of attachments is about as long as its impressive reach too – you name it, augers, buckets, cutters, trenchers – even a cement mixing bowl can be attached to these loaders.

If ever there was a perfect match for an engine and machine combination designed to be small and mighty, we reckon it would have to be the McLoughlin Outlaw Diesel Mini Loader and Yanmar 3TNV76 combination. Power on Kieron!