Luke Foster Joins Power Equipment

Luke and Allan

The Managing Director of Power Equipment, Allan Foster, has announced that his son Luke Foster has joined the family business.

Power Equipment is a Melbourne based company whose core business is the distribution of Yanmar diesel engines and JCB industrial engines.

Luke is the youngest of three children and enters Power Equipment with the job title of Lead Engineer, Business Development.

Boasting fine academic qualifications (2010 graduate with 1 st Class Honours in Engineering and Commerce from Monash University), Luke entered the workforce
securing a graduate position with ExxonMobil, one the largest companies in the world. Whilst at ExxonMobil, Luke was primarily involved in the oil and gas industry although he was exposed to a variety of positions and experiences in the four years that he was with the company.

“While there was never a formalised plan for me to join my parents at Power Equipment,” Luke Foster said, “joining the family business was always something
that I wanted to do.”

“Dad and I often spoke about it, but I felt it was very important to get my degree and some industry experience before making the shift. With that behind me, the timing felt right to now make the move.” Like any parents, Allan and Avril Foster are justifiably happy that their son Luke has chosen to become involved in the family business.

“Together with my wife Avril, we’re exceptionally proud to have Luke join us at Power Equipment,” Allan Foster said. “Bringing Luke into the business is something that we have spoken about for quite some time. I was firm in the belief that Luke had to join us when he was ready to make a career change.”

Luke is based at Power Equipment’s Melbourne head office. His immediate objective is to learn the business from the ground up. This involves visiting Power
Equipment branch offices in Australia and New Zealand, meeting key customers and experiencing all the various operational facets that Power Equipment has to offer.

“I’m working very closely with Michael Blair and Noel Heritage to obtain a thorough appreciation of the marine and industrial aspects of Power Equipment. I’ve also been involved in the sea trials of various Yanmar marine commercial installations, which ties in neatly with my engineering background.”

In addition to his exposure to all aspects of Power Equipment, Luke will be assigned special tasks and specific projects as he becomes more familiar with the

Luke’s tertiary qualifications together with his experience with ExxonMobil positions him particularly well to bring a new perspective and new processes to the family business.

“My ultimate goal is to see Power Equipment grow further, potentially with new product lines,” Luke said. “My goal is to take a leadership role in the business, at an appropriate time in the future. In time, I hope that my involvement will allow my parents to reduce their time commitment so that they can have more time together away from the day to day pressures of operating the business.”

Outside of his academic achievements and professional career, Luke Foster has found time to obtain his Private Pilot’s Licence with night rating. He’s also an enthusiastic boater and self-proclaimed petrol head.