Kirby Marine Produces Exotic Yanmar Powered RIB

Kirby Marine 1
Fremantle based iconic boat builder Kirby Marine, has launched an exceptional new RIB, powered by dual Yanmar 6LY3 diesel engines driving Hamilton jet pumps.  In terms of application, this boat is sheer indulgence.

Manufactured for an undisclosed client, the Naiad 10.5m hull is a purpose built tender to be used throughout the offshore waters of Western Australia. This is a tender to a larger mothership, a family vessel which cruises through some of the most distant, pristine and appealing locations on offer in Australia.

The tender is designed to be a boat for day work, exploring, fishing and heading to shore.

The Kirby Marine built Naiad 10.5m is identical to vessels built by Naiad in New Zealand, utilising the same hull design, same Yanmar/Hamilton engine and propulsion package.   The owner however dictated that key changes be made to cabin to deliver good airflow with shade, for boating through the hot Kimberley  region.

This has been a very successful design in New Zealand, and one used in many pleasurecraft and by numerous search and rescue organisations.” said Rob Kirby, industry veteran and owner of Kirby Marine.   “In the design process the owner determined that the hull and power package was a winner, so that has remained true to the Naiad design package.    Diesel power was important to the owner in so far as he could draw fuel from the mothership and also buy fuel virtually anywhere along the coast.  The obvious safety benefits associated with diesel were a key consideration”

Installed in the engine bay are two Yanmar 6LY3-ETP 480 mhp diesel engines, a proven recreational and light duty commercial rated engine package.

Yanmar’s 6LY3-ETP engine is a turbocharged, direct injected, intercooled, 24 valve, in-line 6 cylinder displacing 5.813 litres to produce 480mhp (354 kW) at 3300rpm. Weighing in at only 640 kilos (without gearbox) the 6LY3-ETP delivers industry leading power-to-weight Yanmar diesel performance.

Kirby Marine 2

The Yanmar 6LY3 features a high-technology electronic control and display system that controls and displays all engine operations from fuel management to twin engine synchronisation, gear shifting and diagnostics.  Low fuel consumption and servicing costs along with high reliability are critical factors, highly valued by operators the world over.

The Yanmar marine diesel engines each drive a Hamilton 292 jet unit and are interfaced with the high quality Hamilton “blue ARROW” integrated electronic control package and intuitive docking control device.  The blue ARROW system provides control of the throttle and gearbox, together with ahead/ astern and steering function to give operator complete control of the vessel manoeuvring.  Performance wise the package is impressive.  The Naiad 10.5 tender has returned a top speed of 42.7 knots at 3300 rpm with a load of 500 litres of fuel on board.  Under cruise conditions, the Naiad offers a very efficient ride at 30 knots.

“Kirby Marine has had a successful relationship with Yanmar engines for over 20 years,” said Rob Kirby.  “This installation is what we have come to expect from Yanmar.  It is a great brand, one which delivers everything that is promised.”  “When we send a Yanmar powered boat out from Kirby Marine we are assured that the engines are reliable and that there will be few if any problems.  Yanmar is a very strong brand with great back up throughout Australia and indeed the world.”

On the strength of this latest launching, Kirby Marine have had two similar boats ordered utilising the same Yanmar propulsion package.  And that’s in addition to other boats which are to be fitted with a range of Yanmar engines including the Yanmar 8LV
with sterndrives, 6LP and 6BY models.

“About 85% of our boat building business centres on the Naiad RIB designs,” said Rob Kirby.  The RIB is definitely coming on as a stronger force in the boating market.  It has become just as popular as a recreational vessel as it is for commercial work.”

With Yanmar diesel power in the engine room, the Yanmar powered Naiad RIBs from Kirby Marine are proving to be an ideal combo.