Jetwave’s Twin Yanmar Power Custom 500psi Pressure Cleaner

Jet Wave

The Adelaide based industrial pressure cleaning specialist Jetwave has completed a custom made high-pressure cleaning unit based around dual Yanmar TNV series diesel engines.

Designed and manufactured expressly for telecommunications tower wash down and cleaning, this Jetwave unit has an extensive range of unique attributes.   The unit is mounted to a tandem axle, heavy duty trailer so that it is entirely transportable.

At the heart of the Jetwave unit are two Yanmar 4 cylinder 51kW TNV Series Engine water cooled diesel engines. Individually the Yanmar engines power two Italian Interpump high-pressure pump units, via a belt drive system.  Each pump is directly linked to its own hose reel which delivers 5000 psi of cold water, high-pressure power.   Two engines, four pumps and four hose reels equate to a massive cleaning capability.

The features continue.  There is a large capacity 1300 litre poly water cartage tank mounted to the trailer.  And for nighttime operations, 360° LED working lights to provide even greater self-sufficiency.

While this custom built unit has been specifically produced by Jetwave for telecommunications towers, there are many varied applications that can be serviced.   Similar Jetwave units are commonly in use in the mining, shipping and civil engineering industries.   Already comparable Jetwave models are currently in use in the aviation industry for ground support and maintenance, while other units are used on oil platforms and in the heavy transport industry.

According to Trevor Thomas of Jetwave, the new pressure cleaner owes it’s considerable capability to the Yanmar diesel engines.

“Right at the heart of the performance of our monster pressure cleaner are two Yanmar diesel engines,” Trevor said.

“While there is any number of diesel engines available to us, we use Yanmar by choice.  Their water cooled engines add to unit longevity and superior fuel economy.”

“The Yanmar engines are smooth running.    The reduced vibration significantly lowers the risk of frame distortion and potential component failure.”

The Yanmar 4 cylinder TNV Series Engine diesel engine is a four-cylinder model which develops 69.5hp at 2500 rpm.  Two inlet and two exhaust valves per cylinder improve air flow for greater efficiency.

Jetwave 2

On the Jetwave unit, both Yanmar engines are fitted with the optional side load kit in order to provide the ability to drive the tandem pump arrangement and ensure engine durability throughout their operating life.  Also included as part of the configuration, is Power Equipment’s EC150 Engine Protection System.  This gives operators the peace of mind and confidence to run the machine all day and all night, while the monitoring of vital signs is at all times managed by the EC150 EPS.

“With this Jetwave machine, the operators can be way up in the air in a scissor lift, so quick access to the engines should a problem occur could take some time.  The EC150 EPS is a vital component within our unit.”

Jetwave is an Adelaide based company which specialises in the design, manufacturing and customisation of quality industrial pressure cleaning equipment.   The company provides innovative, tailored solutions to exceed customer needs.