JCB Powers Big Capacity Mobile Tree Chipper

Chipper JCB 1

When it comes to feeding trees into a chipper, there is absolutely no substitute for raw power.   JCB diesel power has been selected to power the latest Australian built workhorse chipper.

The Maroondah City Council has a big task to keep trees and bush land in check in its parks and suburban streets.

Having operated a variety of mobile chipping units over the years, the crew working to maintain trees in the municipality were dissatisfied with their chipping equipment.  The “best of the best” in their fleet would regularly overheat and struggled to handle the work being fed into it.

That’s when the team turned to Australian specialist Chipstar for their new chipper.  And in turn Chipstar turned to JCB to deliver the raw, reliable diesel power needed to drive their top of the line Chipstar Wood chipper.

The new Chipstar 355 MX model features a giant 355 mm (14”) cutting disc.    Incorporated into the unit is a wealth of technology that does a whole lot more than simply rotate a disc with hardened steel cutting teeth at high speed.

A complex system of hydraulically driven feed rollers and crush rollers are also built into the Chipstar 355 MX.   The task at hand for the JCB diesel engine is to not only drive the chipping disc, but also drive the hydraulics needed for other operational functions.

The JCB DieselMax 444 engine is housed in an enclosed engine compartment with excellent access on both sides for servicing.   It is a 4-cylinder, 4.4 litre powerhouse boasting 4 valves per cylinder with high torque at low speeds.  This JCB engine is rated at 89kW at 2200 rpm

The JCB DieselMax 444 is one of the very finest engines in its class on the market and carries a market leading warranty policy.   Quiet operation is an added feature given that this unit operates predominantly in residential and public park areas.

Since the launch onto the global market in 2004, more than 100,000 JCB DieselMax 444 engines are now working in the field globally.    This is a highly refined, environmentally clean and thoroughly proven state of the art diesel engine.

Chipper JCB 2

“Since we have been operating the JCB powered Chipstar Chipper, we have not had any problems feeding the biggest limbs into the unit,” said Ian Reidy of the Maroondah City Council.

“Thankfully the overheating and load problems of the past are well behind us.   There’s absolutely no need to nurse this JCB powered unit along.   It really powers through the biggest limbs that we can humanly manhandle into the feed chute.”

Chipstar is a Melbourne based, wholly Australian owned family company which was established in 1992 to manufacture wood chippers.  Chipstar machines are supplied to councils, arborists, contractors and landscapers.  Like JCB diesel engines, Chipstar Chippers are tough and built to last.