First Yanmar 6HY-ETE Owner is Australia has No Regrets

Matthew Creek 1

Rarely do you see an engine that has clocked up 6000 hours in a commercial fishing boat, and the engine looks just as fresh and clean as the day it was bolted into the bearers.

Matthew Creek, deep water line pro fisherman operating out of Bermagui on the southern NSW coast, is living proof that a gamble is worth taking.  In early 2007 backing little more than the impressive Yanmar brand name, Matthew took a deep breath and had installed the first Yanmar 6HYM commercial engine in Australia.

Being an experienced professional, Matthew knew that time was up on the 14 litre V8 diesel fitted to his Randell 48, named Marcello.  The engine had already been re-built twice and the same old problems were beginning to re-surface.

Matthew was well aware of the reputation that Yanmar had in the professional fishing community.

“At the time I was well aware that no one in Australia had installed the Yanmar 6HYM-ETE before me,” Matthew said.

“All I could do was look at the engine specifications, compare and then depend on Yanmar’s first rate reputation in the commercial marine engine field”.

“I had some discussion with some blokes that know a lot about marine engines and they reassured me I was making the right decision to go with a Yanmar.  I was greatly influenced by Domenic Puglisi who fitted the earlier Yanmar 6KYM model into his trawler some years before.”

Matthew Creek 2

“The Yanmar delivers on all counts. It has the right amount of power; it’s the right weight and has excellent fuel economy for the job.”

“Now after 6000 hours on the clock and some four years in service I couldn’t be happier with the decision to choose the Yanmar over the others.”

Yanmar’s 6HYM-ETE model engine is a purpose built commercial grade marine engine. It includes Yanmar’s latest combustion chamber design named ASSIGN; a system originally pioneered by Yanmar on their large bore, low speed propulsion engines.

This technology combined with Yanmar’s own mechanical fuel system is delivering impressive fuel consumption results and is giving commercial fishermen something to smile about even with the current price of fuel.

The 600hp twin turbo (441kW) at 2100rpm is the perfect engine for those who require their engine to run at full throttle for up to ten hours.  The cylinder head is a quad valve design.   This lower power rated version will work hard in conditions demanding continuous commercial use.

This technology combined with Yanmar’s own mechanical fuel system has given commercial fishermen something to smile about with the current price of fuel.

The re-power was undertaken by Craigh Hurst at Bermagui.   In typical style, the engine room was completely stripped right back to a bare shell.  In addition to a new engine, the Randell benefitted from a re-wire, new hydraulics and a new MASE I.S. 7 gen set.   The engine room was transformed to be completely Yanmar powered.

Due to the use of a ZF down angle transmission, the installation was able to make use of the existing shaft and prop, but the engine ended up being slightly further forward in the hull.

The changeover took just over three weeks.

“Since the repower I have used up to 100 litres of fuel less every day that I go to sea.   That’s a saving of about $20,000 in fuel a year.”

Matthew Creek 3

“Another significant benefit for me is the service interval on the Yanmar 6HYM-ETE is 500 hours.   I used to have change the oil and filters in my previous engine every 250 hours, so now I can stay operating for double the time before having to do any service work.”

Matthews works alone at seas and runs at 11 knots or about 1600 rpm, with plenty of throttle still left in reserve if needed.   At that pace it uses 18 litres an hour.

Combined with the MASE GenSet I.S.7 used to power up the fridges in the galley and the boats electrical needs Matthew is a proud supporter on Yanmar marine engines.

Michael Blair (National Marine Sales Manager for Power Equipment) stated that since Matthew’s commitment to be the first purchaser in Australia the 6HY series has proven to be a remarkable success story for us and the many boat owners using it, in fact we now have several units in trawler and passenger ferry applications with more than 15,000 hours of operation with absolutely no faults reported to date. These units still impress their owners on a daily basis, not only with the low fuel usage being achieved but the fact that oil leaks, regular maintenance and downtime are a thing of the past for them.