N2995-PE-HQ-with-JD-logoPower Equipment says its appointment to distribute John Deere Power System’s range of industrial and marine engines in Australia, New Zealand and the wider South Pacific is a game changer.

The move will shake up the engine market in the Pacific region and it provides John Deere a well-established network through which to sell and support its stand-alone engines.

The change became effective on 1st July 2017, and since then Power Equipment has shifted all existing stock from John Deere’s headquarters in Brisbane to its own headquarters in Melbourne.

Power Equipment is a family-owned company which sells around 6000 marine and industrial engines per year and has an extensive network of branches, service centres and more than 500 independent retailers in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Power Equipment General Manager, Luke Foster says the company was established to distribute Japanese-made Yanmar engines in Australia, and the addition of John Deere engines give it two very strong brands.

Engine Power House adds John Deer to Line-up

“We are extremely pleased to add John Deere engines to our line-up because it gives us two very formidable brands which together will make Power Equipment a force to be reckoned with in the diesel engine market. We now provide our Industrial customers with a complete range of 4-600HP and likewise our marine customers with options from 10-1800HP.” Luke says.

PE_Workshop_JD-Engines-1“On the industrial side Deere engines sit above the power range Yanmar covers, and on the marine side the two complement each other nicely, filling different application niches to give an uncompromising range for all things marine from private yachts to fishing trawlers, all the way through to commuter ferries” Luke says.

Luke says with its world-class infrastructure, from automated parts picking and storage to its experienced sales and service team, Power Equipment is well placed to boost sales of John Deere engines.

“We recently assembled our first 13.5 litre John Deere engine, which is the largest engine in the range and another two will follow directly behind. The build was carried out by our workshop team in Melbourne and we are very proud of it.” Luke says.

Along with shifting the entire John Deere Power Systems stock from Brisbane to Melbourne, Power Equipment has assumed responsibility for all existing forward orders and is now taking new orders.

Power Equipment has sent Sale Managers and technicians for training at John Deere Power System’s factories in France, and sale and technical support people from the factory have visited us in Australia. Likewise, Power Equipment has a number of experienced John Deere staff helping during the transition as it brings its people and systems up to speed.

IMG_7944Luke says Power Equipment is an independent company with strong industry connections. It has well-equipped workshops that can customise engines to meet its customers’ needs.

“We are a family owned company that has been in the industry for nearly 30 years. We re-invest heavily in the business and have long-term stability through an activated succession plan that currently sees the second generation leading these new growth initiatives”.

“Taking on the distribution of John Deere engines is an important step for us. We intend to expand sales of the brand throughout the Pacific region. It is a high-quality product that speaks for itself. As they say, ‘Nothing runs like a Deere’, “Luke says.