Yanmar Powers ahead with Aluminium Marine

Aluminium MArine Ramp

Over recent years, Aluminium Marine has launched a string of Yanmar powered aluminium catamaran hulls. In fact 8 out of their last 9 builds have all been powered by models from Yanmar’s high speed commercial range. The owners of these vessels are spread from North Queensland to the South Island of New Zealand.


Aluminium Marine is unquestionably one of Australia’s most successful commercial aluminium boat builders. This Brisbane based company operates from an expansive site with three construction sheds alongside the Eprapah Creek at Thornlands.


The most recent launching for the Auckland based Explore Group is the Explore D6 running a pair of Yanmar 670kW 6AY-WGT engines. Other recent launchings include the Freedom Monarch, James Grant, Fantasea Sunrise, Freedom Sovereign and Spirit of Queenstown to name a few. There are another two 18 metre catamarans already under construction at Aluminium Marine with both powered by dual Yanmar 478kW – 6HY- WET engine and transmission packages.


The demand for Yanmar powered catamaran hulls built by Aluminium Marine is being driven by the equally strong eco-tourism and ferry markets in New Zealand and Australia. As the eco-tourism market continues to grow and mature, tour operators are critically assessing their vessels and demanding modern, safe and comfortable boats that leave the smallest possible environmental footprint.


“We very much like the Yanmar line of commercial engines,” said Jack Louwerse, Project Manager/Engineer.


“Our experience with the Yanmar 6AY and 6HY series is extensive. From an installation and operational perspective the Yanmar brand is first rate. Our customers are just as enthusiastic as us about the Yanmar engine and speak very highly about the impressive fuel savings, low operation costs and high reliability.”


“There are plenty of competing engine brands in the market and we do make comparisons to ensure that we recommend and install the best engines for our customers. When we look at competitive brands, all we see are converted truck motors.”

Aluminium MArine Ramp D6

Showing supreme confidence in the small shipbuilding market, Aluminium Marine CEO Steve Cordingley recently announced the completion of a major enhancement to the shipyard, which was many years in the making. Aluminium Marine now boasts a huge concrete launching ramp capable of handling the biggest vessels built at this boat yard.


Previously, vessels built at Aluminium Marine were launched by two 250 tonne cranes into the Eprapah Creek which in turns leads out to Moreton Bay. The exercise was expensive, particularly if the boat had to be removed from the water for any reasons following sea trials.


The new ramp has a very shallow gradient, is exceptionally wide and is protected by stone groynes to both sides. The first boat to be launched was the Explore D6, a 53 tonne vessel with a beam of 8.2m. The vessel was wheeled from the factory on a rugged steel trolley then rolled gently down the ramp with a tray truck controlling the rate of launch.


This new launching facility makes launching new vessels a breeze. In addition boat owners who are looking for a quality refit yard with low cost, hard stand and easy access into Moreton Bay, now have another quality yard with proven engineering expertise readily available for their requirements.