Why you should Buy Genuine Yanmar Parts

August 9, 2016 - 9:00 AM by Samantha Pudney


At some point you decided, like we did at Power Equipment, that you valued quality, reliability and durability in your engine. Yanmar’s dedication to product excellence is one of the cornerstones of their company mission. In tough, real-world conditions we expect these engines to run efficiently and reliably, so you know you can depend on them. We supply engines to perform.

But engine wear is a fact of life. The engine was made to work for you, and work means wear. Friction and environmental conditions take their toll. So, when it comes to maintaining your engine and its constituent parts, we don’t take shortcuts, and neither should you.

1. They’re made by the manufacturer

When it comes to replacing worn engine parts, your Power Equipment supplied, Yanmar parts are your best bet. Made by the engine manufacturer, you can rest assured that the parts you’ve ordered with us were made to work optimally with your engine, and will execute their function as effectively as the original part. Cutting corners with alternative and discounted brands may save you money in the short term, but ill-fitting substitutes that don’t conform to the same rigorous Yanmar quality specifications ultimately end up wearing faster and being replaced sooner. It will cost you in the long run.

What’s more, there is no guarantee your alternative parts will stand up to the rugged outdoor conditions for which Yanmar parts are quality-tested and approved. When you replace a part of your Yanmar engine with genuine Yanmar parts, you maintain the integrity and durability of the product, so that it can continue to run reliably for you.

2. They’re purpose built to suit engine specifications

Yanmar have been producing market-leading diesel engines for over 100 years, with the philosophy of more power for less weight. Power Equipment’s exclusive range of Yanmar sailing engines, power boat engines and commercial engines is broad-ranging so that whatever your diesel engine needs, we’ve got the right engine for you.

From marine leisure and boating to agriculture, the engine specifications you need are unique to you and your activity. Your engine’s size, output and design are tailored to match the work. Likewise, when you invest in genuine Yanmar parts for your engine, you are taking steps to ensure that the parts were purpose built to support your specific engine specs.

Using non-genuine or alternative parts that were not purpose built for your engine brings with it the danger of creating play in the engine, accelerated wear and reduced efficiency.

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3. Quality standards are maintained within parts

We distribute engines made to last and the engine whole is only as good as its weakest part. Studies of the steel and rivets that made up the hull of the Titanic show that the ship was built using lower-grade metals, rendering the ship’s hull more brittle than it otherwise might have been.

You shouldn’t compromise on material quality standards when it comes to engine parts. When you invest in genuine parts, you can rest easy knowing the quality standards are maintained within the parts in line with Yanmar’s strict quality standards.

4. It will void your engine warranty if non genuine parts are used

Using genuine Yanmar parts from exclusive licensed Power Equipment dealerships ensures your warranty remains valid for the length of its term. When you purchase a new Yanmar engine, you are joining our family which comes with all the support and servicing you need to get the most from your Yanmar engine and keep it in top condition. Our warranty reflects our commitment to the quality and market-leading innovation poured into every engine we distribute.

Unfortunately, we cannot make the same guarantee and quality assurances of parts that were not built and tested by us. Non-Yanmar parts may not stand up to the same durability standards to which we hold our products and are therefore not covered under Yanmar warranty.

Likewise, any secondary damage derived from a non-Yanmar replaced part will not be covered under warranty and similarly, neither Power Equipment nor Yanmar are liable for damages arising from improper repair or servicing carried out by other distributors or dealers. It’s that simple. If it’s genuine from the engine manufacturer, we back it. If not, we can’t. That’s why it pays to always use genuine Yanmar parts from your Yanmar supplier.

If you’ve put in the consideration to buy a genuine Yanmar engine, you’re most of the way there. Don’t sell yourself short by compromising on parts in the repairs and maintenance process. Using genuine Yanmar parts from Power Equipment save you money in the long run because they’re made by the manufacturer, purpose-built for your engine specifications, good quality and won’t void your warranty.