Where is my Nearest Yanmar Dealer

September 6, 2016 - 9:00 AM by Samantha Pudney


If you need to know how to find a Yanmar dealer, you’re in luck. Power Equipment is the exclusive authorised Australian, New Zealand, PNG and South Pacific Distributor of Yanmar Marine and Industrial Diesel Engines. Importing genuine Yanmar engines and parts from Yanmar plants around the world, we’ve made it easy for you to locate your nearest dealer using this straight-forward Dealer Locator.

Power Equipment supports an extensive network of over 400 dealers and branches responsible for bringing the world-renowned Yanmar product range, servicing and support to you. Building on their reputation for quality, Yanmar has consistently been the preferred brand of a diesel engine in Australia, regardless of size or application in both marine and industrial markets.

Owing to both Yanmar’s commitment to product excellence as well as Yanmar’s ongoing pursuit of unparalleled product servicing and customer support, Power Equipment is constantly building its branch and distributor network, anticipating and satisfying customer needs in the Yanmar spirit in marine, industrial, power generation, rural and pumping applications.


The Dealer Locator allows you to filter your search in a number of ways to help you locate the right dealer for you. You can apply one search filter or several to help you narrow the search based on your needs. Follow these simple steps to find a Yanmar dealer near you:

  1. Navigate to Power Equipment’s Dealer Locator by clicking on the link here.
  2. Filter your search

Filter your search by dealer category using the top drop-down menu on the left hand side of the locater page. The first drop down menu lets you filter your search by selecting Marine Sales or Servicing dealers, Industrial Sales or Servicing dealers, PSS (Packless Sealing System) (PSS) sales or Torqeedo Outboard electric motors.


Narrow your search geographically using the next drop-down menu down by selecting the state (for Australia) or region (for NZ, PNG and South Pacific) in which you are searching.


Narrow your search further by selecting a suburb near you in the bottom drop down menu of the locater.


Enter your post code into the field on the right side of the Dealer Locater. Select a search radius using the adjacent drop-down menu on the right-hand-side to find stores closest to that post code.

  1. Click the red “Find a Dealer” button.


NOTE: If no Dealers are located in your search it may be there are too many search filters in play. Try

  1. expanding your search radius (ie. From 10 km to 20km) or
  2. resetting one of the other filters to ‘All’ to broaden the search and include more dealers.


  1. A map will appear below the Dealer Locator with numbers on it, which indicate clusters of matching dealers found by the locater. Using the map’s zoom-toggle in the bottom-right corner of the map, or by double clicking with your mouse on the map, zoom in towards the numbers. As you zoom in closer, the numbers will separate into individual store ‘pins’ that satisfy the search queries you entered in the drop-down menus of the Dealer Locator.
  2. Select a Dealer by clicking on one of the red pins on the map. A floating box will appear above the pin with the store address and contact details.

Now you’ve found your nearest Dealer with Power Equipment’s Dealer Locater, give them a call! Or walk right in the door and talk to one of your friendly, local accredited Yanmar experts.