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Torqeedo Product Safety Advisory

Important safety warning and product advisory recall

Dear Torqeedo Customer, as the distributor of Torqeedo products in Australia and New Zealand we endorse Torqeedo’s objective of placing the highest value on the quality and safety of the Torqeedo products. We are therefore informing you about a possible safety risk in connection with the battery used in the outboard motors, “Travel” and “Ultralight”.

What is the cause? – Waterproofing.

Torqeedo has found some examples in which the battery housing for those motors was not watertight. In such cases, water may penetrate the battery housing. This is emphasised if a battery with a permeable housing becomes completely or partially submerged under water. If water reaches the internal part of the battery it could cause a chemical reaction resulting in fire and/or bursting of the battery housing. Such a circumstance presents a risk of serious injury!

At no cost to you, Torqeedo will perform an inspection for the models and serial numbers listed below. If the inspection shows that the battery housing is not water tight, Torqeedo will repair the battery free of charge.

Serial Number (S. no.)
from… ‐ to…
Travel 1001… ‐1752…
Ultralight 1117… ‐1826…

Torqeedo battery serial number location

If your model does not appear in the figures, it is not affected by the safety advisory. All other Torqeedo outboard motors are not affected.

We are asking owners of models with these serial numbers to register them with Torqeedo. After registration, Torqeedo will inform you shortly after which service centre is to check your battery and, if necessary, repair it. Should you need additional support during the process Power Equipment is only happy to assist.

Torqeedo will arrange to pick up the affected batteries and repair/replace.

The form to initiate the process can be found here →

Please allow up to a week for Torqeedo to respond with the next phase of the product processing procedure.