6CX530 Series Shaftdrive 530mhp

Power Boat Engines

Yanmar 6CX-530 Marine Diesel Engine (530mhp)

The high-output CX engines with their extra-smooth power provide the speed and reliability to stay out in front.  This set new standards for excitement on the water, coupled with on-board comfort and peace of mind.  Outstanding power-to-weight ratio and low-slung configuration contribute to the ability to make a fast boat go even faster.  The new 530 mhp model is the boating industry’s only 7.4-litre diesel for pleasure use.

  • Outperforms larger petrol engines
  • Flat torque characteristics
  • Compact and narrow profile
  • Built for through reliablity

Gear Option

  • KMH70A (Down Angle 7°)
  • Ratio  1.23 / 1.57 / 2.07 / 2.56

A powerful new force in motorboating

Featuring Yanmar’s latest lightweight engine construction technology in a compact package, this power plant exhibits superb fuel efficiency and a power-to-weight ratio that makes possible a higher top speed and a longer cruising range using the same fuel tank.

The increased horsepower in this straight 6 cylinder engine is obtained from a longer stroke, along with a more aggressive turbo/intercooler and tune settings. It also features 4 valves per cylinder and an extra high pressure common rail fuel injection system.

Tha 6CX530 is supplied with the NMEA 2000 fully electronic engine control system and LCD displays providing a fully warranted and supported package from Yanmar.

Dual Electronic Control & LCD Screen

Dimensions of 933mm (36.73in) high and 886mm (34.88in) wide, and with only 837kg (1845lbs.) of engine weight makes for a power installation that is lightweight indeed.

We expect the smooth power, together with the flat torque characteristics and low fuel consumption figures of the 6CX-530 will make it an outstanding choice for any fast boat. This engine is set to become the “world power plant” for the motor boat enthusiast.

Easy on the maintenance man a overall, simple-to-service design features cylinder inspection ports in the block. These allow at-a-glance checks of crankshaft and bearings and also ease maintenance work by making head removal unnecessary.



  • Flexible engine mount x 4


  • Lube oil dipstick for opposite side of engine

Starting and Stopping

  • Electric engine stop solenoid
  • Cold starting aid (Air heater type)

Electrical and Instrumentation

  • Alternator, 12V (120A)
  • NMEA2000 compliant engine electrics
  • NMEA2000 Control head
  • NMEA2000 Display & Gauges



  • Propeller shaft half coupling (Straight rough bore)
  • Slow speed A-2 valve for YX-70S marine gear
  • Kanzaki twin disc or ZF hydraulic transmission. Parallel offset/downangle or co-axial models.


  • Fuel oil separator


  • Kingston cock, 63mm
  • Exhaust water mixing elbow, L-Type
  • Sea water strainer


  • Lube oil evacuation pump

Electrical and Instrumentation

  • Electric type bilge pump, 12V


  • Onboard tool kit






Power Profile