LY3 Series Shaftdrive 380 – 480mhp

Power Boat Engines

Yanmar LY3 Series Marine Diesel Engine (380 – 480mhp) Ultra-smooth LY3 Series engines, lightest in their class, incorporate sophisticated electronic control to ensure constant power, almost regardless of operating conditions. They are turbocharged, intercooled and water-gated six-cylinder power plants, with a wide choice of marine gear. Yanmar has become the benchmark for power-to-weight superiority and the tough, direct-injection LY3 Series extends the innovative technology to push performance still further.

  • New Electronic control system
  • Efficient four-valve head
  • More power from less weight
  • CAN-BUS network on NMEA 2000 open protocol

Engine Model

  • 6LY3-UTP 380mhp @ 3300rpm
  • 6LY3-STP 440mhp @ 3300rpm
  • 6LY3-ETP 480mhp @ 3300rpm

Gear Model

  • KMH61A (Down Angle 8°) Ratio 1.55 / 2.04 / 2.43
  • KMH61V (Integral V12°) Ratio 1.24 / 1.49 / 1.98 / 2.48

Advanced electronic control provides constant power governing, regardless of fuel temperature up to 50°C, and a multi-engine synchronization feature allows for one-level operation. Information from the electronic control system is shown on a Yanmar multi-function LCD display at the helm. Yanmar’s multi-function LCD display shows critical engine data received from the electronic control system via a CAN-BUS Network. The captain is provided with real-time engine data, including engine speed, trip duration, battery voltage, coolant temperature, fuel consumption, amount of fuel remaining (by using an optional fuel sensor), plus boost and oil pressures. The alarm function monitors 16 alarm indicators and interactive command window displays the parameter details. The alarm system also logs the sequence of events for advance troubleshooting. The 6LY3 Series

  • Newly-developed electronic control
  • Wastegated, turbocharged, intercooled
  • Compact size with higher power output
  • Efficient four-valve per cyl head
  • LCD multi-function display
  • Wide choice of marine gear

Dual Electronic Control & LCD Screen Can Bus Control system Benefits:

  • New Yanmar system for superior electronic control
  • Extremely compact family of engines
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower emissions
  • Designed and built for more power from less weight
  • Power is constant almost regardless of conditions

Accessories Standard Package

  • Water pick-up for sterntube bearing
  • Starter switch panel: Toggle switch
  • Multi-function meter
  • Alternator 12 V – 80 A
  • Exhaust elbow (L-type)
  • Air heater


  • Flexible mounts
  • Fuel / separator
  • Exhaust elbow, U-type (high riser)
  • Lub oil evacuation pump
  • Flybridge panel
  • Extension wireharness