BY2 Sterndrive Series 150 – 260mhp

Power Boat Engines

Yanmar BY2 Series Marine Diesel Engine (150 – 260mhp)

Designed, built and proven by Yanmar, the all-new ZT350 sterndrive is the perfect transmission match for the BY2 diesel engines, unsurpassed for new installations and ideal for repowering.  This quite, hydrodynamic sterndrive has a new type of hydraulic clutch for exceptional smoothness, precision forged gears for extra-long life, two counter-rotating propellers for superb acceleration and tight-hold tracking and large rudder dimensions for superior handling, whether your boat is single or twin installation.

  • Powerful & efficient
  • light and durable
  • Compact engine Dimensions
  • Lower Fuel Consumption
  • Common-rail fuel injection
  • Low vibration and Low noise

Engine Model

  • 4BY2-150Z     150mhp @ 4000rpm
  • 4BY2-180Z     180mhp @ 4000rpm
  • 6BY2-220Z     220mhp @ 4000rpm
  • 6BY2-260Z     260mhp @ 4000rpm

Gear Option

  • ZT350
  • Bravo

The new Yanmar BY2 sterndrive Series engines are available with new Yanmar ZT350(E) sterndrive along with the Bravo1X & Bravo2X sterndrives. Yanmar Marine diesel engines are respected around the world for their outstanding performance, compact design and unmatched dependability.

Marine Diesel Brilliance

Developed in close association with car manufacturer BMW, the new Yanmar BY2 Series engines come in both four and six cylinder configurations and deliver car-like performance from common-rail diesel technology.

Renowned for cutting edge diesel performance around the world, BMW Motors has provided the engine base for the new Yanmar BY2 Series. Leaders in their respective fields, Yanmar and BMW have combined to deliver a range of four and six cylinder engines that are lighter, cleaner and far more compact than the models they replace.

The two, four-cylinder BY2 Series engines are rated at 150mhp (110kW) and 180mhp (132kW) at 4,000 rpm from a 1.995cm3, intercooled and turbocharged diesel engine. Second-generation common rail direct injection technology, featuring magnetic vertical injectors, ensures optimum performance and outstanding fuel efficiency. The engines also include a CAN bus system using NMEA 2000 protocol.

For applications in larger boat, boaters can select from either of the six cylinder, 2.99 litre Yanmar BY Series models, one rated at 220mhp (162kW) and the second 260mhp (191kW).

Every facet of the new BY2 Series Yanmar engines is an improvement on the models they replace. The direct injected, intercooled and turbocharged engines are so refined that they easily meet the stringent EPA Tier 2 and European RCD emissions regulations.

Yanmar continues to push the power-to-weight boundaries with the new BY2 Series engines boasting dry weights of 250kg for the four cylinder and 310kg for the six cylinder models. Not only are they similar in weight to comparable petrol engines, they also share a similar rate of acceleration as their petrol counterparts.