Superseded Models

YANMAR TF 60 6hp @ 2400rpm

Yanmar’s unique direct fuel injection system gives the TF series engine a number of unprecedented features

Dynamic Power

  • Valve durability due to heat-proof insulator
  • Superior Combustion
  • Dramatic Drop in Oil Consumption
  • Better Lube system improves reliablity
  • Easy Operation, Simple Servicing
  • Less Vibration, Low Noise Level

Available in manual only.

Low Fuel Consumption

Yanmar’s unique direct fuel injection system has greatly reduced the specific fuel consumption ratio, which enable user to save much (Example; 231ℓ over 1500 hours of operation.)

Low lubricating oil consumption

The lubricating oil consumption ratio is greatly reduced by a newly fully-sealed lubricating unit, a flanged liner, and body reinforcements to protect the liner from distortion.

Easy Operation

A filter with a one-touch type automatic air bleeder allows air bleeding by a simple lever operation. There is no fuel spillage and no tools are required. Additionally oil/water separator provides on the filter bowl allows at a balance checking of the water volume deposited in the filter. A solid-type air cleaner improves dust prevention to the level of 99% or more!

Enhanced Durability

A complete enclosed forced lubricating system with a trochaic pumps ensures complete lubrication of the crankshaft, intake/exhaust valve rocker arm and all sliding parts, therefore it improves to prevent seizure and other troubles. Also the intake/ exhaust rocker arms are provided with oil holes to achieve smooth lubrication.

Low Vibration

Yanmar’s unique two-balancer shaft eliminates resonance by reducing both acceleration and amplitude. The imbalance is internally absorbed and as a result, vibrations are reduced at their source. This allows TF Series Engines to match every type of driven machines.

Low Noise Level

A newly mounted high-performance muffler has enhanced sound suppression. This results in a lower and softer noise level. This anti-vibration rubber and dual-shaft noise level, also contribute to the elimination of chattering vibrations and result in low noise levels