Industrial Cotton Conference

The 19th annual Cotton Conference brings together old and new industry specific farming knowledge. It will see the attendance of cotton brands, marketers, supply chain networks and industry groups.
With over 2000 delegates, 95 exhibitors and thousands of attendees the John Deere Cotton Club are proud to be one of the sponsors of the bi annual event and look forward to presenting innovative equipment to the cotton community.

The Cotton Research and Development Foundation has partnered with the 2018 Australian Cotton Conference to support a new program supporting cotton start up initiatives. “Start Up Alley” is new aspect to the Cotton conference and shows industry commitment to further supporting ideas and cotton related businesses. John Deere fully supports all farming innovation and looks forward to assisting both new and old businesses related to all things cotton.

All attendees are welcome at the Power Equipment exhibit located at site 14 and 15 to speak to our dedicated and informed staff to discuss current practices and equipment needs specifically designed to assist the cotton industry.