Impressive new diesel outboards make their debut

On June 26th marine and industrial engine distributor Power Equipment hosted a media day at its head office in Melbourne, inviting journalists from leading marine and defence industry publications from Australia and New Zealand.

The event unveiled a new generation of high-performance diesel outboard engines that will shake up the marine industry. Featured at the event were:

  • The 50hp Dtorque from Neander Motors in Germany.
  • The 150hp and 200hp OXE Diesel from Swedish company Cimco Marine.
  • The 300hp Cox CXO300 from the UK’s Cox Powertrain


The journalists who attended the media day toured the Power Equipment facilities in Lynbrook, Victoria, had a detailed briefing about the new engines and took part in water demonstrations of the Dtorque and OXE Diesel engines.

Power Equipment partnered with leading commercial aluminium boat builder Yamba Welding & Engineering who have been building quality aluminium vessels for over 40 years, to conduct the water demonstration of the OXE diesel outboard. The engine was paired with a 6.7-metre Naiad rigid inflatable boat (RIB). The Yamba Naiad is known as the 4WD of the Sea. Naiad RIBs are made of aluminium plate and have air-or foam-filled buoyancy tubes with heavy duty polyurethane covers that are 10 times as strong as hypalon.

Their soft ride and predictable handling make Naiads easy to drive in rough conditions. This makes them the ideal match for the latest high-technology diesel outboards that Power Equipment is introducing to the Australian market.

Feedback from the media event has been very positive. Australian Defence Magazine Deputy Editor, Nigel Pittaway says the diesel outboards were very quiet and economical.

018-Dtorque-OXE Media Launch-26Jun18

“The Dtorque was surprisingly quiet and it accelerates quickly for general purpose use. At 11.9 litres per hour at maximum speed, it is very economical. I was pleasantly surprised,” Nigel Pittaway says.

“The boat was very manoeuvrable and it held its speed in the turns. It was very smooth throughout the turns and again I was impressed.”

Michael Yeo represented Navy Outlook magazine at the event. He too noted the Dtorque’s low noise and vibration levels and says the engines will be of real interest to the military.

“These engines have potential in the government and military side of things. These days the trend is toward multi-mission vessels and a lot of ships carry small RIBs”.

“Having a diesel engine like this reduces the fire risk compared to petrol engines and it reduces the different types of fuel the ship has to carry. I think navies will be very interested in something like this.” Michael Yeo says.

The journalists also highlighted the quietness of the OXE Diesel outboard. Gary Fooks represented Australian Boating magazine says it was very quiet even at full revs.

“During the demonstration two of us in the back seat were having a conversation at library speaking levels. I was stunned. This is an interesting engine”.

Chris Beattie of Club Marine magazine was impressed with the OXE Diesel’s mid-range power.

“It is very smooth and its mid-range power is a good example of where diesel technology is today compared to 20 years ago,” Chris says.

“Its applications are overwhelmingly commercial. All that mid-range power is what is needed in commercial boats.”


Power Equipment General Manager Luke Foster says the three new diesel outboards offer significant advantages over other engines on the market.

“Diesel engines are more economical to run and safer than petrol engines. These engines are the outcome of years of research and development,” Luke Foster says.

“With their advanced engineering they can deliver both the performance and the comfort that commercial operators and military vessels require”.

“We are very pleased to have secured the distribution rights for these innovative outboards in Australia and New Zealand. We are the only distributor in the world to have distribution agreements with all of these brands.”

Diesel outboards are reliable and deliver superior torque and lower fuel consumption than comparable petrol-powered outboards.

The Dtorque 50hp and OXE Diesel 150hp and 200hp are now available for order in Australia and New Zealand, and the 300hp Cox will be available for orders from mid-2019 for the Australian market.