Generator Manufacturer Sells Off the Shelf Yanmar YH Series Generators


Andrew Smith established AJS Machinery in 2000, his core business activity being the design and manufacture of custom made generator sets. Today he no longer regards himself as a manufacturer. Instead he’s an authorised Dealer for the Yanmar range of water cooled diesel generators.

The transition from custom built generator sets to supplying the same customer base with an off-the-shelf Yanmar product is a powerful reflection of how the Yanmar YH Series of generators is satisfying the market.

AJS Machinery

“We simply don’t build our own generator sets anymore,” said Andrew Smith.

“It is just not viable for us when the Yanmar YH Series is such a top quality product. The demand for power generation has grown and the market demand has been particularly well met by Yanmar. These are a 3 phase, 4 pole generators with RCD protection.”

The market that Andrew Smith supplies is both diverse in application and geographically spread. Customers include primary producers, panel beaters and miners. Some may be on the grid but without sufficient capacity for 3 phase power; or off the grid and facing the prospect of an expensive bill to run power to their site. There are many who simply need reliable back up power.

Recent customers have been spread from farmers in Andrew Smith’s own backyard in Kurmond, NSW, the outlying farms of Sydney, to a quarry in Port Hedland and the rural outskirts of Melbourne.

“We have been a Yanmar Dealer since 2004,” said Andrew Smith.

“In addition to the excellent Yanmar YH Series generators, we’ve also actively promoted and sold the Yanmar eGi invertor series which is ideally suited to interact with your solar power system and deliver a high power supply with a pure sine wave output, perfect for sensitive equipment. “

“A key to our success is that I keep one of each of the Yanmar YH Series generator in stock at all times. This way I can supply customers without delay.”

The Yanmar YH Series comprises five models ranging in output from 13.4kVA to 55.0 kVA. The YH Series has been specifically engineered to deliver clean and reliable electrical power. With a large capacity bunded fuel tank on all models, the YH series generator sets are totally self-contained and mobile.

At the heart of the Yanmar YH Series generators is the Yanmar TNV series engine. This is a robust workhorse from the Yanmar family of water cooled diesel engines which have the durability and strength to operate for extended periods. Whether the 3 cylinder or 4 cylinder TNV model is used, the YH Series generators are optimised to operate at 1500 rpm. One of the many benefits of this is noise reduction. Also at 75% load, the fuel economy is frugal with as little as 2.72 litres per hour being consumed on the Yanmar YH 170 generator set.

The Yanmar YH Series generators are easy to operate. The user friendly design features a turnkey start. Separate meters display voltage, amperage and frequency. With minimal changes the YH Series generators can be modified to suit unique applications

“There is so much to like about the Yanmar YH Series generators,” said Andrew Smith.

“They are exceptionally well designed and expertly manufactured. They have been designed so that all of the service points are accessed from the one side. The Yanmar TNV engine is smooth, very quiet and the reliability is exceptional. I’m very comfortable shipping a YH Series generator to remote locations.”

According to Andrew Smith, the Yanmar brand is well accepted and does not need to be sold to customers looking to purchase a quality generator.

“People know the Yanmar brand and love it.”

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