The Different Applications for Industrial Diesel Engines

April 20, 2015 - 8:16 AM by Samantha Pudney


Industrial diesel engines come in all shapes and sizes, and they have varied applications that can be used in all sorts of applications.

Keep reading to find out the different applications for industrial engines.

Irrigation pumps systems

Diesel irrigation pumps are most useful to farmers who are not near any electrical grid. This pump allows them to move water around wherever they like without having to worry about electrical wires. Water can reach almost any field, making it much easier to grow crops in seemingly dry land.

Pumps for center pivot irrigators

When you pass a field, you might see center pivot irrigators and not even know it. They are the long, connected segments of pipes that are joined together on wheels and stretched across fields. When turned on, they shower the plants in watering a low speed continual arc running across the fields.

The industrial diesel engine is key in ensuring that all crops receive just the right amount of water needed during times of low rainfall.

Flood irrigation pump systems

Flood irrigation means that water is directly pumped out to a field along the ground where it is absorbed by the plants. It is one of the less expensive methods of irrigation, though it does often waste water.

A good industrial diesel engine manages the flow of water to the fields and can make it easier for farmers to watch their water levels.

Tailwater recirculation pump systems

Farmers know that their agricultural runoff is more than likely to have plenty of sediments, nutrients and pesticides within it that can harm bodies of water in the area. With a tail water pump, you can reroute the water in the area and turn it back into the field.

This benefits the environment in a number of ways, including:

  • Lessening the amount of contaminants in surrounding waterways
  • Better water application
  • Lower water costs

A good diesel engine will make rerouting tail water or agricultural runoff a much easier process.

Firewood processors

The firewood chopping process requires heavy machinery if it is to be done quickly and efficiently. An industrial diesel engine makes these jobs move faster. Some homes living farther away from the electrical grid depend on firewood in the winter, and these machines keep the price of wood down.

High-pressure water blasters

Construction contractors and renovators know that anything can shine like new after it’s been hit with water from a high-pressure water blaster. These machines can handle a number of jobs such as:

  • Removing rust from surfaces
  • Clearing and stripped paint
  • General surface removal

A diesel engine gives these machines a boost, making them highly economical and simple to operate.

Mini diggers

When you have a large amount of work in a small place, a mini digger will be your best friend. This diesel  engine powered machine can make quick work of landscaping, construction and pipe-laying tasks. They offer a high-powered digging force.

Portable fire fighting water pumps

A fire can break out in any remote area of the country. Therefore, it is very important for firefighters to have access to portable fire fighting water pumps that can be used anywhere. With a diesel engine, these pumps can be powered up and used to put out any blaze.

Portable trash pumps

Trash pumps are designed to move water – and plenty of it. Perfect for emptying swimming pools, these pumps can handle small solids and have fairly low maintenance requirements.

Fixed Speed Engines

You might better know these engines as “G” drive engines. They were mostly designed for the use in power generation applications. These engines need either 1500rpm (50HZ), 1800rpm (60HZ), 3000 rpm (50hz), 3600prm (60hz) of a fixed engine speed in order to operate.

This type of engine can provide you with plenty of power, but it will also keep the power on standby. You will be able to use it a little at a time if you need it as well as continuous use.

Finally, a fixed speed engine can be used for more than just power. You can also use them for certain types of power equipment as well as irrigation applications.